Ready to see the first batch of entries from the Vodafone 24 createathon? We've got two worthy teams in joint 3rd; and two incredible ideas...

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It’s amazing what you can get done if you knuckle down and really focus, which is an idea we recently set out to prove with the Vodafone 24 – a unique create-athon competition to see which team of UK university students could dream up the most complete solution to a brief we pitched, all in just 24 hours. It was a storming success, and it left us with no fewer than four prize-winning teams.

The inaugural Vodafone 24 took place at the end of last year, so now it’s time to reveal the winning entries, and the talented bunch of students behind each one. Today, we’re talking to the people who garnered the third place slot and because the quality of entries was do high we had to give that honour to two teams.

So here are our joint third winners: Team Green and Wakatobi. And here’s their Vodafone 24 story…

Team Green

team green1

“We entered the Vodafone 24 because I spotted it while applying for the graduate scheme, and the challenge seemed an interesting idea,” says team member Harry Iles. “My team consisted of my friends at the University of York; Marcus Aspin and Andy Chalmers. As a trio we work well together so fancied our chances of placing at least.

“After a ten minute discussion on names (going through a lot of silly options) we decided ‘Team Green’ was a good idea, as we would aim to incorporate recycling into our project if possible.” And it was possible. Teams could choose to answer one of three briefs, and Team Green set about dreaming up a solution to the question: ‘How can mobile technology help in disaster zones?’

“We wanted our idea to help solve a problem for the less fortunate…”

“We chose the disaster aid brief as we wanted our idea to help solve a problem for the less fortunate rather than a ‘first world problem’.” With that decided, Team Green set to work – knowing that they had just 24 hours to get their entry in. So what did they manage to make?

“We developed a multi-platform proposal for old mobile phones where people affected would be able to text a name, location and ‘1’ for water aid, ‘2’ for food aid etc. This would allow agencies to direct their aid more accurately. In addition, we built a web based platform to map these text results, and would hold records of people, tweets and JustTextGiving donations, so all aid information would be in one place. This platform could be used to help coordinate agency communication and aid,ensuring resources aren’t misallocated, and helps families to find their loved ones through the people finder feature.”

It’s a fantastic idea, and you can see it in its entirety below:


team greenthumbVodafone 24: Team Green
Check out Team Green’s brilliant disaster zone-aiding mobile tool.
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Our other third place winners were team Wakatobi, comprised of friends Rendi & Arie (Cranfield University), Bagus & Shogi (University of Birmingham) and Nadhira (University of Manchester).

“Our team name is Wakatobi,” Rendi says, “which is the name of an archipelago in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. Since all of us are from Indonesia, we were thinking an Indonesian name that would properly represent us – we chose Wakatobi to represent that we’re from different locations, like islands.”

Tech really drives team Wakatobi, and you can see it in the scope of their entry. “All of us are passionate about technology and innovation, and we wanted to challenge ourselves as international students in the UK.

“Our idea is a green social media mobile app called Soc@.”

“Our idea is a green social media mobile app called Soc@. We wanted to make a positive impact to society by having a smart application that could be used to monitor energy consumption, and share the data socially. We believe that a good thing is contagious, and we also want people to be aware of energy savings.

“The challenge to design an product that could help people or make people’s lives better is an amazing idea,” Rendi says. “It has reminded us how to make people’s life better by starting with the small things in our daily life.”

But that’s not the only thing that the members of team Wakatobi have taken away from the first ever Vodafone 24: “We didn’t know each other prior to the competition, so we really had to learn how to manage a team virtually in a limited time. It was really nice to gather ideas and start collaborating to do something positive, but it was really challenging.”

You can see Wakatobi’s innovative Soc@ concept here:


wakatobithumbVodafone 24: Wakatobi
Check out Wakatobi’s clever concept for gamifying energy conservation here.
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“The way the competition was managed was very impressive,” Rendi adds, “because it was simple yet professional. Moreover, the fact that there are now four winning teams instead of three, shows that Vodafone has really focused on the ideas.”

All about the competition: For the full story on how the Vodafone 24 came to be, and what’s next for the create-athon, click here.