Vodafone Pay as you go is a pretty exciting place in 2014. Step this way to find out why top smartphones are now more within reach than ever...


If it ever used to be the case that paying less for a phone meant compromising on quality and functionality, the very latest in affordable smartphone tech is challenging the preconception and then some.

As we launch a fresh campaign to celebrate the easily affordable smartphone, we sat down with Sten Van der Ham, Vodafone’s head of Pay as you go, to get his insights on the year ahead.

Keeping up momentum

We’re continuing our big push to help Pay as you go customers looking for their first smartphone, and that means giving people the confidence that they can afford to use it.

“We want to make smartphones and the mobile internet more accessible to a broader group of people. That’s why we’re introducing devices at a lower price, and enabling people to get to grips with them without having to think about how much data they’re using in the first few days.

“We want to make smartphones and the mobile internet more accessible…”

“Our Find Your Feet offer gives you 30 days of unlimited UK data when you buy a Freedom Freebee,” Sten explains, “and it means you can ‘find your feet’ with your new phone, exploring everything that it can do and all of its new features without needing to think about how much data you’re using.”

“We’re also providing more support and guidance for first time smartphone users,” he adds. “Our retail staff are on hand to answer questions and talk you through your smartphone options and we’ve compiled a library of video content to cover everything from explaining what a smartphone is to how to use one.”

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And the results? “We’ve been really encouraged by our customers’ response to this approach. In 2013, smartphones accounted for nearly two thirds of our Pay as you go handset sales, and this is a great start. We’re now focusing on making it possible for more people to realise the benefits of switching to smartphones and this new line up of device makes a very compelling case.”

Fresh faces

So the idea is the same, but, as you’d expect, we’ve got a new line-up of handsets on offer compared to last year. Here are our 2014 Pay as you go smartphone superstars:

Vodafone_Smart_Mini_Vodafone Smart Mini (2014)
“Last year we started at £50,” Says Sten, “but this year we’re starting at £45. That’s making one of our best selling low-cost handsets even more affordable, which is great news for customers.”
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Samsung_GALAXY_FameSamsung Galaxy Fame
The Galaxy Fame has a fantastic 3.5-inch screen that acts as your window into the world of Google Android. That means you get access to millions of apps, games, songs, music, movies and ebooks from the Google Play Store. Happy snappers will love the 5-Megapixel camera with flash, and it’s all available for just £75.
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Motorola_Moto_g_thumbMotorola Moto G
The Moto G is the epitome of getting more for less. At Just £100, it’s the cheapest quad-core smartphone on the market in the UK. Its 4.5-inch display is one to be reckoned with, its camera is top drawer and the back is customisable with a host of different coloured covers and integrated cover-cases.
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Tempted? You can read up on all three of these wunderkind smartphones here. Our full range of Pay as you go handsets is right here.