We've been speaking to the mobile industry's key players to figure out what rocked 2013 and what's coming next. Here are all of our talks in one handy place

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If you’ve been paying attention to Vodafone Social over the past couple of weeks, you’ll know that we’ve been speaking to some of the biggest names in mobile about what happened in 2013 and what lies ahead for 2014.

Thing is, since Christmas festivities normally take precedence, you may well have missed one or two of our interviews with the likes of Sony, Samsung, HTC and Nokia, as well as insider tips from the people in the know at Vodafone. And that’s why we thought we’d build a home for them here.

Want to become an expert on everything in the world of tech last year, and get a clue of what’s coming next? No worries – just click one of the links below to get going…


htc onethumbHTC: 2013 in review
What does HTC’s focus on premium design and unique camera tech mean will arrive in 2014? We went digging, and found some juicy hints.
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Nokia-Lumia-520Nokia: 2013 in review
The evolution of the Lumia marches on at rapid pace, but what trends has Nokia forged in 2013? Read our exclusive interview to find out.
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galaxys4thumbSamsung: 2013 in review
Samsung’s had a bunch of big successes this year, so it’s well placed to tell us what the year’s biggest stories are. And when we say ‘big’, we mean big.
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xperia z thumbSony: 2013 in review
Sony’s mobile stable is looking stronger than ever. What’s the Japanese giant’s focus been in 2013, and where will that take it in 2014?
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VodafoneSmartIII-thumbVodafone: 2013 in review
We’ve launched a few top devices ourselves this year, and we’ve got a new focus to thank for their success. Read on to find out how Vodafone got Smart.
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eforum1THUMBeForum Community Experts: 2013 in review
The Vodafone eForum’s bastions draw on their collective expertise to pick out the highlights of the mobile world in 2013.
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