2013 gave us the best mobile phones ever to grace the planet. But which ones stood out? We've been asking our eForum Community Experts exactly that...

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That’s all for 2013. The year has shuffled off the dance floor to make way for 2014, but there’s still time to look back at the last 12 months of mobile. We’ve already heard what Sony, HTC, Nokia, Samsung and the Vodafone branded devices teams made of things, but now it’s time to hear from the Vodafone eForum’s trusty Community Experts.


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Forum bastions JeffKinn and Nabs are two of our mini army of volunteer mobile experts, and they’ve offered up their opinions on what made 2013 such a great time for the march of mobile progress.

So then, gentlemen, what were your mobile highlights in 2013?


nabs“2013 has been such a busy year in mobile tech,” says Nabs. “The highlights for me would have to include products like the GALAXY Gear and Google Glass, which have brought about a totally fresh approach towards how we interact with our gadgets. Nokia has, as always, been pushing the boundaries in mobile camera technology, with the 2013 models like the Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 being able to shoot fantastic quality snaps.”

That’s Nabs speaking from first-hand experience – as part of the Community Experts device loan programme, both Nabs and Jeffkinn were loaned a Nokia Lumia 925 earlier in the year. You can read what the Community Experts thought of their time with it here.

“Also Google has impressed once more with the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4. Whilst changes have been subtle they have made quite an impressive difference to the Android user experience and made changes which should see full fruition in 2014; exciting times ahead.”

And Nabs’ standout 2013 trend? It’s all about ultrafast:

“By far the biggest story of 2013, though, is 4G. Vodafone has now started rolling out its 4G network and it’s only a matter of time before the UK is fully connected!” Nabs isn’t wrong there; we’re pushing to provide indoor 4G coverage to 98 per cent of the UK population by 2015.


jeff kinn“The 2013 mobile phone year has been interesting,” Says Jeff, “because most new handsets have been evolutionary from their predecessors, rather than revolutionary. The Samsung GALAXY S3 morphed into the S4, The iPhone 5 into the 5S and 5C etc. The Nokia Lumia range seems to have made good headway and I very much enjoyed getting to know the Lumia 925 I tested earlier in the year.

So what phones have been nestled in Jeff’s pocket over the past twelve months?

“From a personal perspective I changed my phone twice in 2013,” he says. “I upgraded from the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the S4 on launch day and found it to be a fantastic upgrade. However, in October I opted to change again to the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 as I considered this to be a perfect device to meet my business needs.

“We’ve got a real cross section of devices in our household…”

“I think I’ll be sticking to the Note 3 for some time and I’m now quite heavily invested in the Samsung eco-system. This won’t stop me from moving to a different platform in the future, though, as I like to try out new systems and new manufacturers.

“My two daughters are now also GALAXY S4 users, one son is using a Sony Xperia phone and the other one has moved from an iPhone 5 to a 5S. My wife, meanwhile, is sticking with her BlackBerry for the time being.

“We’ve got a real cross section of devices in our household, and this gives me a great insight into the mobile space that helps me on the Vodafone eForum in helping fellow customers with a range of handsets, questions and problems.”

To see Nabs and Jeffkinn doing just that, and to get any issues you might have sorted out, head over to the Vodafone eForum.

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