How do you ensure your kids are safe online? It can be a bit of a minefield, but worry not! Vodafone and Moshi Monsters are here to lend a hand...

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The internet is an amazing place, but its huge size means it can also be a scary one. At Vodafone, we’re always trying to do whatever we can to make the job of parenting in a digital world a little bit easier, which is why we’ve just partnered with kids favourite Moshi Monsters – to help get you talking about the important stuff.

Pop into any Vodafone store right now, and you can pick up a pack of Moshi Monster ‘Digital Facts of Life’ cards for free. Each pack is stacked full of questions and quizzes that are designed to help kids learn how the web works and how to stay safe, all with the help of the colourful Moshi characters that they love.

Moshi’s unique characters normally live in an online world themselves – over 80 million registered users between the ages of 6 and 12 regularly interact with the Moshi Monsters world – making it a perfect fit.

Facts, figures and finding help

Along with the free Moshi Monster Digital Facts of Life cards, the Vodafone Foundation has been conducting new research into how our kids are using the web. And what we’ve found might surprise you.

“half of under-10s think it’s ok to look at any photos or videos they find online.”

According to our findings, half of under-10s (48%) think it’s ok to look at any photos or videos they find online, and more than one fifth have done or seen things on the internet that have scared them. Meanwhile, 10% of those surveyed think it’s safer to speak to their online friends than their real life friends, and 11% of kids said they would meet someone in real life that they’d met online.

It’s worrying stuff, but don’t panic: there’s more help on the way. As well as the new Moshi Monsters Digital Facts of Life cards, we’ve just updated our hugely comprehensive Digital Parenting Guide. It’s available online or to print off, it covers every aspect of your kids’ online life, and the best bit is it’s completely free.

To see it for yourself, click the link below:


dpgthumbVodafone Digital Parenting guide
Time to scrub up on your online knowledge! Here’s everything you need to know to help your kids get the best out of tech in the safest way possible.
Click here to read or download the online guide.


Stay tuned for more… We’ve got loads more coming on the topic of digital parenting, so keep your eyes peeled to Vodafone Social.