Are you ready for 4G? Well, ready or not, here we come! We’ve now kicked off our nationwide tour to bring Vodafone 4G to life in front of your very eyes...


Are you ready for 4G? Well, ready or not, here we come! We’ve just begun a nationwide tour to bring Vodafone 4G to life in front of your very eyes. As we revealed last week, we’re taking our custom-built model 4G cityscape – complete with amazing augmented reality (AR) tech – to a host of our 4G cities to show you just what Vodafone 4G can do for you. Our first stop was Westfield London in White City, and Vodafone Social was there to see the show in action.

The Vodafone 4G tour is an ambitious project that combines state of the art technology, real world elements and you – the people who really matter – into one amazing experience. Pop along to one of our tour shows and you’ll be met with a huge, 2.5 metre model city that’ll burst into to life when you hold up one of our special AR-enabled tablets. You can read more about the tech involved here.


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On top of that, you get the chance to take away a personalised photo of your experience to demonstrate your love of either #4GSport or #4GMusic. That picture’s then yours to share with your friends and family across your social networks. All in all, it makes for a great experience.

One down, loads more to go…

Having carefully set up our hand-built model and put everything in place, we invited keen shoppers to come and see what all the 4G fuss is about.

Here’s what happened:


As you can see, the AR cityscape and personal photo opportunity really struck a chord with the crowd. We caught up with a few of our intrepid 4G fans to find out exactly what they thought of the whole experience…

“I had an amazing time having a go at the AR with my daughters,” said Carolena Mitchell. “I’m a bit afraid of technology usually, but was very impressed. I can’t wait to go home and show off to my husband about how much I know about 4G now.”

David Delaney was impressed with the tech itself: “I’m loving this Augmented Reality. I’m studying Gaming Technology at the moment and this is very impressive.”


Other visitors were pleased to come away knowing a bit more about some of Vodafone’s services and plans. “I wasn’t aware of the Vodafone Coverage Checker site,” said Lynda Bellingham. “It’s very useful because I was afraid to upgrade before in case I didn’t have coverage, but now I’m good to go.”

Stay tuned for more… The Vodafone 4G Cityscape Tour is just getting started; stay tuned to Vodafone social to find out where we’ll be headed next, as we’ll be updating this blog regularly with details. If you need more information on Vodafone 4G, you can find everything you need to know here.