Worried about how to keep your kids safe and secure in today's tech-fuelled world? Worry not: Vodafone's free Digital Parenting Guide is here to help.

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To some parents, the internet can seem like a bit of minefield. With new technology emerging all the time, it can be hard to stay up to date and – more importantly – it can be hard to stay ahead of the kids. If that sounds like you, worry not: we’ve put together a stonking, all-encompassing guide to help parents maintain control, and keep the family safe.

This week (21-27 October) is National Parents’ Week, which is set up and run by The Family and Childcare Trust. The theme this year is ‘Make One Change’, and the charity is trying to encourage businesses, childcare providers and parents to do one new thing to make family life that little bit better. There’s more info on that here, but if you want to ‘make one change’ that’s really useful, why not brush up on your online knowledge to help keep the kids safe when it comes to technology?

The Vodafone Digital Parenting Guide covers off every area of the modern web and mobile internet you can think of; from apps and games to location services and online videos. If your online knowhow needs a bit of a refresh, or if you’re just keen to know the tricks to staying safe, look no further:


digital parenting guideVodafone Digital Parenting guide
Time to scrub up on your online knowledge! Here’s everything you need to know to help your kids get the best out of tech in the safest way possible.
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Mini guides

Our Digital Parenting Guide is a one-stop shop, but we’ve also got you covered if you need something more specific and more bite-sized. Below are mini guides for quick tweaks that can make the web a safer place for the little people in your life.

Whether it’s protecting, reporting or restricting, we know all the tricks…


guardian appSet up the Vodafone Guardian app

The Vodafone Guardian app helps protect your child from inappropriate calls, messages and online content on their smartphone.


youtube icon-thumb-512x512-160230Set up YouTube Safety Mode

This guide will show you how to limit video content on YouTube that might be unsuitable for your child.


BlackBerry-Q5Set up BlackBerry Parental Controls

Have more control over how your child uses the features of the BlackBerry smartphone with this quick guide.


content controlCheck Vodafone Content Control

Help to prevent your child accessing age-sensitive content and services, such as those rated 18, from their mobile.


facebook iconSet up Facebook privacy controls

Worried about social media? Help your child to decide who can see their posts and photos on Facebook.


SCOI0109-summary-icon-100x100Set up Google SafeSearch

The world of search can be a minefield; help to prevent adult content from appearing in your child’s search results.


xbox 360Set up Parental Controls on the Xbox 360

With internet access now the norm, games consoles aren’t just for playing any more. Manage your family’s access to games, films and TV content.


tech-internet-watch-foundationReport illegal content to the IWF

Worried about something you or a family member has seen online? Find out how to report online child sexual abuse content.