If you choose #4GSport as part of your Vodafone Red 4G-ready plan, you're in for a wealth of sporting action. Here's all the info you need on Sky Sports Mobile TV.


If you sign up to one of our Vodafone Red 4G-ready plans you’ll get to choose between #4GMusic and #4GSport. Opt for the latter and you’ll receive access to Sky Sports Mobile TV for up to two years. That’s great news for sports fans, but what exactly does it let you do? And how do you get going in the first place?

Don’t panic! Last week we laid Spotify Premium bare, explaining all the details and perks, and now it’s #4GSport’s turn. Here’s everything you need to know about Sky Sports Mobile TV in one handy guide…

Getting started

Once you’ve chosen the right Red 4G-ready plan for you and it’s all set up, we’ll fire you a text with a link to the mobile Vodafone portal. Here you’ll be given the choice of either Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify Premium. Choose Sky Sports Mobile TV*, and you’ll be taken through the steps to activate your subscription, all done through your phone in the browser.

Check out this video for instructions on how to activate your Sky Sports Mobile subscription, along with some info on how to eke the most out of it:


Sporty streaming

Your Sky Sports Mobile TV account gives you mobile access to Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 on your phone, which means you’ve got a front row seat for a raft of Premier League and UEFA Champions League action, as well as top flight golf, cricket, rugby and tennis.

When you’re not connected to WiFi, streaming Sky Sports Mobile TV will use up some of your data allowance, but what will your data allowance let you do? Our Vodafone Red 4G-ready plans give you double the data of our normal plans – and anyone who signs up before 31 October will get a #4GBonus in the shape of an extra 4GB each month! Oh, and that’s on top of the fact that we’ll let you go wild in your first three months with unlimited UK data.


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That’s good to know, but it’s even better to have an understanding of what all that data means when it comes to streaming live sports on your phone. Roughly speaking, a minute of Sky Sports equates to 5Mb, and there’s 1024Mb to each GB.

In other words, if you had a Red 4G-ready plan with 8GB of data, you could watch over 18 live football matches, 20 rugby games or eight tennis matches each month.

Other Sky apps

Sky Sports Mobile TV is just one of a huge collection of free Sky apps. The Sky News app, for instance, will keep you abreast of all the world’s headlines as they happen, with the option to set push notifications for certain types of breaking stories.

The Sky+ app lets you scour the TV guide and schedule recordings when you’re out and about. It even acts as a remote control for your Sky box at home!

As well as those, things get especially tasty if you’re already a Sky customer: if you have any level of Sky TV package, you can use the Sky Go app to stream any channels you receive at home, right on your phone. That’s available for a range of phones as well as PCs and Macs.

Stay tuned

Having the keys to a whole world of live sport in your pocket is great, but it’s better when you know exactly what’s on. We’re going to be providing regular roundups of the latest albums and singles to hit Spotify, along with the month’s Sporting highlights from Sky. Stay tuned for November’s highlights soon.

Good to go? Click here to read more about our Vodafone Red 4G-ready plans. You can find out more about Sky Sports Mobile TV here.


*Details of the devices that Sky Sports Mobile TV is compatible with can be found here