Ready for something big? Meet the HTC One max. HTC's latest is a 5.9-inch beauty with everything that makes the One family great, and then some...


We’ve got something big to show you. Something really big: hot on the proverbial heels of the HTC One mini, HTC is bolstering the award-winning One range yet again. This time, the stellar tech that made the original One such a winner has been given a bit more room to breathe behind a stunning 5.9-inch HD display.

Say hello to the HTC One max.

Big and beautiful

The HTC One max is a super-sized smartphone – its 5.9-inch full HD 1080p display is among the biggest available on a smartphone, neatly slotting it into the bracket between a regular phone and a fully-fledged tablet.

That extra size means that it shines as a media machine, but thankfully it’s not just a pretty face: the HTC One max has a blazingly fast quad-core 1.7GHz processor backed up by 2GB of RAM, which’ll power it through even the most demanding of games. Then there’s the storage: there’s 16GB built in but the One max is the first in the HTC’s flagship lineup to feature a MicroSD slot, letting you expand that the tune of an extra 64GB.


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HTC One hands-on
Read what some of the web’s tech experts think of the HTC One, and watch it in action in our hands-on video.


The icing on the cake is an enormous 3,300mAh battery – perfect for streaming loads of great content over 4G. There’s also a fingerprint scanner on the back that lets you quickly unlock the phone or launch specific apps and the same UltraPixel camera as found in HTC’s other One phones.

A perfect pair


We’ve been chatting to Graham Wheeler, HTC’s Director of Product Commercialisation, to find out why bigger is better, and what makes the One max is the perfect partner for our Vodafone 4G entertainment packs.

“The HTC One max is for people who are looking for an all-in-one solution,” he tells us. “It’s people who want their tablet and phone in one device, and who want to consume lots of content.”

And that’s exactly what makes it a dream device for anyone signing up to Vodafone 4G. See, our Red 4G-ready plans all come with the choice of two tempting entertainment offers. You can opt for Spotify Premium, giving you access to over 20 million songs to stream when you’re on the go, or Sky Sports Mobile TV, allowing you to soak up the best in live sports from Sky Sports 1 and 2.

As Graham tells us, both options are only made better on the bigger screen:

“Both Spotify and Sky Sports Mobile TV are equally brilliant on the HTC One max.”

“Both Spotify and Sky Sports Mobile TV are equally brilliant on the HTC One max. Obviously with Sky Sports you’ll want to stream on a great display, but here you’ve got a 5.9-inch full HD display. It’s super large, allowing you to see the goals as they happen in crystal clear quality.” And according to Graham, there’s plenty for music fans to love, too:

“One of the things we’ve heard people say is that our BoomSound speakers are actually changing the shape of mobile music. Gone are the days where you think of a mobile phone speaker as that tinny thing in the corner of a room. You can now get that rich, dynamic music experience, and that’s brilliant for streaming songs from Spotify. We think listening to music on this will blow you away.”

The HTC One max is a Vodafone exclusive from launch, and is available on a 24 month Vodafone Red 4G-ready plan from £49 upfront and just £47 each month. That’ll give you the choice of Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV access, along with 2GB of data each month. Fancy a #4GBonus? There’s an extra 4GB each month on offer if you sign up before the end of October. Swish.

Bigger is better… Is the HTC One max the phone for you? It’s available right now! Click here to order yours.