Apple's colourful new iPhone, the iPhone 5c, is now available at Vodafone. But why is it so special? And what does the web's tech press think?


Fancy a splash of colour in your life? If the all new iPhone 5c has caught your eye, then there are loads of great reasons to grab one on Vodafone. Whether it’s your choice of #4GMusic or #4GSport, loads of data (including a #4GBonus if you pick one up on a Red 4G-ready plan before 31 October 2013), or access to our ultrafast 4G network, there’s a lot to get excited about.

And it’s an even sweeter deal for upgraders. You can now trade in a touchscreen phone with us* – even if your old phone was bought from another network – and get the iPhone 5c 16GB with no upfront costs on our 24 month Red 4G-ready plan for £42 a month. That’s a saving of £5 per month (£120 over the course of your 24 month plan), giving you a 4G plan for the price of a 3G one. Not bad, eh?

“It’s an even sweeter deal for existing iPhone users.”

But what can you expect from the iPhone 5c? Well, aside from benefiting from our Red 4G-ready plans, you’ll have a phone that’s sure to get you noticed, thanks to a choice of five different colours available.

Fancy adding colour on top of colour? Apple’s got you covered with a range of six silicone cases, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content. They’re available from our stores too.

Exotic shades aside, the iPhone 5c is at the forefront of mobile tech – between that colourful polycarbonate chassis and the 4-inch display sits some pretty brawny tech. The iPhone 5c has the same 8-Megapixel iSight camera as the iPhone 5, while a hefty A6 processor makes the easy-to-use iOS 7 operating system run like a dream.


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Fancy an iPhone with an injection of colour?
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What the web thinks

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Once the brightly hued handset had been revealed by Apple, we had a quick chat with some of the UK’s top tech journalists to get their initial thoughts…

Libby Plummer | T3
“We love the 5c’s pin-sharp Retina screen, speedy A6 processor and the colourful chassis choices with matching buttons. We also like the fact that, essentially, you’re getting an iPhone 5 for less money.”

Stuart Miles | Pocket-Lint
“Technology aside, the plastic outer – which is meant to represent a more youthful product and one that is more playful – is shiny-smooth to touch, but feels very much a part of the phone rather than something that could be peeled off after some use. The polycarbonate has a very different feel from other “plastic” devices on the market at the moment and feels more of a return to the same finish – but in an array of colours – to the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.”

Tom Wiggins | Stuff
“Another great slice of Apple design with a welcome splash of colour.”

Chris Davies | Slashgear
“Apple’s new midrange smartphone takes the admirable parts of the iPhone 5 and redresses them in a fresh new design, which is likely to go down particularly well with younger buyers. iOS 7 gives the iPhone a new lease of life, and for many the toughest decision is going to be which colour combination of 5c and Apple case they want to pick.”

Ben Sillis | The Gadget Show
“There’s something to be said for plastic casing in smartphones – metal may feel more premium, but many people want something that can survive a drop or four. It doesn’t hurt that Apple’s come up with a striking array of colours for the 5c either, which give the handset a modern, vibrant look even while the company’s managed to cut costs a little. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to prove less of a compromise and more of a bargain.”

Keen? The iPhone 5c is available now, so check out all of the details here.

*See here for full details of our trade in offer for iPhone 5c.