We're here to help, but sometimes it's easier to do things yourself. That's why we've been on a mission to supercharge online self-service at Vodafone...

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The old saying says that “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” At Vodafone, we’ll always do everything we can to help you with your account, but when you know exactly what you need it’s often quicker, easier and more satisfying to take matters into your own hands. That’s why we’ve been working behind the scenes to make online self-service easier and better than ever before.

Between vodafone.co.uk, the My Vodafone app and a wealth of options and tools that you can access via the web and text messages, it’s never been easier to manage your own account away from the high street and without making a single call. We’ve been chatting to Vodafone’s Claire John to find out more…

Making things easier

“Online self-service is the way the world is going and the way people expect to do things,” Claire tells us. “It’s quicker and easier for customers; a lot of people prefer to do things this way because it means they don’t have to wait in queues”.

“Banking’s a really good example of how everything’s moving online,” Claire adds. “A lot of people now do absolutely all of their banking online. And it’s like doing your car tax – doing that online is so easy you’d never go into a Post Office again.”

So how does Vodafone line up with that way of thinking? What exactly can you do? “The newest addition is the ability to swap a SIM online,” says Claire. “That’s really useful when you upgrade to a new phone with which you might need a different sized SIM – like the nano SIM in the newer iPhones. Previously, you’d have to go to a store or ring us up to do that.”

To swap your SIM online, click here. There’s loads more in our self-service arsenal, though. You can use Vodafone on the web or the My Vodafone app to…

– Top-up your credit
– Check balance and usage
– Check what’s included in your plan and see your next upgrade date
– Handy handy hints and tips about your device
– Get answers to our most frequently asked questions
– Request a network unlock code (for using another network SIM in your phone)

But it’s not just the web that comes in handy here…


Not got a smartphone? No worries. “We’ve recently made some improvements to our automated service for paying your bill over the phone,using 56677,” says Claire. “You can also check how far you are into your allowances, and see your balance so far this month to see if you’ve spent anything extra.” To do that, just dial 44555 and you’ll receive a text back.

“It’s all about striking a balance…”

“It’s all about striking a balance,” Claire tells us, explaining that empowering people to help themselves online doesn’t mean we’re putting less emphasis on helping people elsewhere. Far from it.

“I think most importantly, we need to make the self-service journeys as simple and self-explanatory as possible, so these things become almost a pleasure to do. As well as more traditional ways of contacting customer services, we’ve got webchat, our own eForum, as well as support through Facebook and our new dedicated @VodafoneUKHelp channel on Twitter. It means there’s more flexibility for people to choose where they want to receive help from us.”

So there you have it: a pretty full set of tools to help you get the best out of your account, as and when you need to.

Power in your pocket… For even more control over your Vodafone account, check out the new and improved My Vodafone app.