Running the Great North Run on 15 September? Then we've got a little bit of good news for you, courtesy of JustTextGiving...

bupa great north

JustTextGiving by Vodafone is the official Digital Fundraising Partner for the Bupa Great Run series, which means we’re able to share some pretty exciting news ahead of next weekend’s Great North Run (15 September).

The JustTextGiving team will be there to meet the legions of fundraising runners at this year’s event, starting with the pre-race Pasta Party in Gateshead, Newcastle, and we’ll be giving 50 people a chance to receive a £50 donation for the charity they’re running to raise money for!


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We’ve unravelled what happens when you send a text to JustTextGiving…
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Music to your fundraising ears? The Pasta Party provides runners with a chance to meet up, relax and have a good time ahead of the Great North Run, with live entertainment and music throughout the day.

Unsurprisingly, there’s plenty of free pasta on offer too, with more than 18,000 bowls served at last year’s event.

“The draw gives you the chance to give your fundraising a £50 boost.”

But there’s more than just pasta on offer. If you head over to the JustTextGiving stand we’ll take a personalised photo of you and your code, and that’ll grant you access to our Charity Donation draw. The draw gives you the chance to give your fundraising an extra £50 boost.

As long as you’ve got a place for the Great North Run and an active JustTextGiving code, you’re in with a shot.

The 50 winners will be picked at random from a draw made later that evening, and winners will be notified by email. It’s a fantastic way to boost your fundraising!

The inside track: For full terms and conditions click here, or check out the Nova site.

Picture courtesy of  @Great_Run