Sony's been back to the drawing board and supercharged the Xperia Z. The Sony Xperia Z1 is the result, and it's a little bit amazing...


We’ve got something special to show you. With numerous awards and heaps of critical acclaim now under its belt, Sony’s taken the Sony Xperia Z back to the drawing board and supercharged almost everything about it. The result? The 4G-ready Sony Xperia Z1, which is coming to Vodafone UK soon.

Read on to find out what makes it a potential Android king…

The next evolution

Ok, so what’s new? Well, let’s start from the outside and work our way in: the Xperia Z1 keeps the ‘OmniBalance’ design that makes the Xperia Z such a good fit in the hand, but this time wraps it up in a single, antenna-boosting piece of aluminum.


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The display’s built using the same tech as Sony’s BRAVIA TVs, while a new approach to the Xperia Z’s water-resistance means that the Xperia Z1 can now stand dips of over a meter. That’s even with the new exposed headphone jack, which eschews the need for a waterproof cover.

“We’ve introduced our award-winning G Lens technology on the Xperia Z1.”

Underneath that aluminium frame, there’s a thunderously powerful 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and a huge 3000 mAh battery. The standout feature here, though, is round the back: the camera. We caught up with Stephen Sneeden, Product Marketing Manager at Sony Mobile Communications, to find out what’s new:

“We’ve introduced our award-winning G Lens technology on the Xperia Z1, and that’s really exciting for us in terms of what it will enable people to do,” he says. “It’s a bright, 27mm wide-angle lens with an f2.0 aperture, which, put simply, allows more light to reach the sensor.”

But it’s not just about getting great shots in low light; the Sony Xperia Z1’s sensor’s a little bit special: “We’ve incorporated a large 1/2.3″ Exmor RS sensor to capture crisp, highly detailed images up to 20.7 megapixels.” And 20.7-Megapixels means your shots will be brilliantly detailed.

Sony + 4G = Greatness

sony xepria z1-2

The Sony Xperia Z1 is 4G-ready right out of the box, meaning it’s ready to play nice with our 4G network in London right now on our Red 4G-ready plans. We’re rolling that network out to 12 other cities by the end of 2013, too.

“4G is critical in terms of enabling Sony users to maximise their mobile experience and we’re really excited that Vodafone’s ultrafast network is now live in the UK,” says Stephen.

We’ll be bringing you much more on the Z1 soon, so stay tuned to Vodafone Social. In the meantime, we’ll let Stephen sum up why he’s pretty thrilled about it: “The Xperia Z1 gives you a groundbreaking camera experience, outstanding display technology, and a fantastic line up of companion products and accessories.” Impressive stuff.

Tempted? Check out the details of our 4G-ready plans here, and stay tuned for release information and pricing.