Having had a 4G-ready Nokia Lumia 925 in their pockets for several weeks now, what do our Vodafone eForum Community Experts think of Nokia's flagship phone?


Put the hours in on the Vodafone eForum, and you’ll reap some tasty rewards. Our current crop of eForum Community Experts, for instance, have spent the last few weeks road-testing the 4G-ready Nokia Lumia 925 as part of our device loan program, and now they’re keen to share their thoughts.

With our 4G network launching in London and rolling out across the country from this week, you may well be thinking about which 4G-ready device to choose, from the array of great phones on the market. We’ve already had their first impressions on the Lumia 925, but what do Nabs, JeffKinn and TheSoupDragon think of the Nokia flagship now that they’ve had enough time to really dig deep? And should you be thinking about it as your next phone?

Jeff’s view:

jeff kinn“I’ve been using the Nokia Lumia 925 for a few weeks now,” says JeffKinn. “The phone is a pleasure to use – whether I’m picking it up to make a call, check an email, or just to play and browse. The integration with social networking is far better and more enjoyable than other platforms have to offer, too. Also, the concept of setting up a ‘room’ with other Windows Phone 8 users is excellent – much better than rival apps like Whatsapp.”

“The camera is extremely powerful, pretty much negating the need to carry around a standalone camera. And the integration between the camera app and Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud service means no one should ever lose their precious photos again.”


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Jeff thinks there’s a lot to like, then – no matter what kind of person you are: “The Lumia 925 is a serious smartphone and a serious piece of kit that will satisfy the experienced smartphone users, yet it remains simple enough to use to appeal to anyone getting their first smartphone as well.

“I’d have no hesitation in recommending the Lumia range to other people,” Jeff says in closing. Pretty solid feedback, but does Tim ‘TheSoupDragon’ Jones agree?

Tim’s view:

Tim_Jones“When choosing a new phone, the big question for a lot of people is usually ‘iPhone or Android?’. Not any more,” says Tim, “because there’s a new player in town. Enter the Nokia Lumia 925. Right out of the box, the Lumia 925 feels like a phone that has been designed to ooze quality, and this is also true of the onscreen user experience; Windows Phone 8 is very fluid and snappy.”

During the few weeks that Tim’s had to play around with it, he’s managed to pick out two distinct areas that he thinks the 925 excels in: its camera tech and inbuilt mapping skills:

“Nokia arguably make the best phone cameras in the world,” he tells us. “From the dedicated shutter button to the PureView lens, the attention to detail is superb. Thankfully, the image quality backs that up.

“On top of that, there are a multitude of Nokia camera apps that you can install from the Windows Apps+Games Store, like Panorama and Smile-Shot. One of my favourites is Cinemagraph, which takes a series of shots before combining them into a short animated GIF.

“You can edit this GIF and choose the exact parts that you want to move, too. Put simply,” says Tim, “if you’re the sort of person that loves to take photos with your phone, the Nokia Lumia 925 is a serious contender.”


And as for that mapping knowhow? “Nokia, in my view, are the best in the world at satellite navigation for smartphones. The fact that you can freely download maps for almost any country in the world, then use them without using any mobile data, is superb.

“I found the satellites are quick to lock on and the guidance is second to none. In fact, I’ve actually found it quicker to use the 925 than it was to set up my dedicated satnav device.”

Nabs’ view: 

nabsNabs is just as keen: “Having used the Nokia Lumia 925 for some time now I must say I am very impressed with it. Windows Phone has come on in leaps and bounds since its first release and it’s now a serious contender to the big boys on iOS and Android.

“Whilst it may still be lacking the sheer volume of apps available in those alternatives’ respective stores, it more than makes up for this in the quality of the apps available, some of which I believe are better than their versions on other platforms. This shows Microsoft is serious about getting developers on board and pushing the platform forward. As well as that, the built-in social integration is second to none; it’s really easy to use and understand, something which, in today’s social network-orientated world, is a major benefit.”

“The camera on the 925 is fantastic and really does give great pictures.”

Having had enough time to seriously play around with things, Nabs agrees with Tim about both the Lumia 925‘s stellar imaging capabilities and its top mapping tech, too, telling us: “The Lumia 925 has many other fantastic features, but these are the two that stand out for me.

“The camera on the 925 is fantastic and really does give great pictures in a whole range of conditions. Nokia’s ‘Lens’ software really builds well on top of this. HERE Drive+, meanwhile, is fast, the maps are accurate, and best of all free! It beats the equivalents from Google and Apple.

Overall I’ve enjoyed my time with the handset and will be sad to see it eventually go at the end of the device loan program,” Nabs says, rounding things off. “The handset is easy to pick up and use so anyone, regardless of their level smartphone knowledge, should be able to get up and running in no time.”

Tempted? If all of that sounds right up your street, you can buy your Nokia Lumia 925 here. If you’re hungry for more information on it – including pictures, video and thoughts from the tech press, here’s everything you need to know about the Nokia Lumia 925.