Are you #4GSport? We've been talking to David Gibbs, Director of Sky Sports Digital Media, to find out why Sport and 4G is such a top result.


We’re a little bit excited about 4G, because our brand new Vodafone Red 4G-ready plans come with a very tempting choice: do you pick #4GMusic or #4GSport? Music from Spotify Premium included in your plan for up to two years, or all the action from Sky Sports Mobile TV instead?

If you’re bigger on football than the Foo Fighters, or more keen on golf than Gotye, #4GSport is the obvious way to go, but what makes Sky Sports Mobile TV so special? We’ve been talking to David Gibbs, Director of Sky Sports Digital Media, to find out.

Kick off

david gibbs“We’ve been on mobile for close to 15 years in various forms,” says David, explaining that Sky’s been at the forefront of mobile TV tech right from the start. “We saw a huge appetite for SMS scores first, and we then moved into the ‘traditional’ mobile web during the WAP days. And then, with the advent of 3G in 2007, we launched our first mobile TV services with Vodafone.

“That was the initial mobile TV service. With that we were able to get a good understanding of what it was that people wanted – live sports has always been a huge part of that.”

Since those early days, everything’s moved on, which brings us up to right now, and Vodafone 4G: “Technology has advanced and the network has improved, and we’ve not seen that demand go away,” David says. “That demand to consume on the go, particularly live sport, has just grown more and more.”


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“From a ‘live’ perspective, sport is the key thing for mobile. It’s simple: mobiles just give people more opportunities to watch.”

Today’s scores

With Sky’s impressive legacy explained, what can sports fans get in 2013? “Live streaming with Sky Sports Mobile TV gives sports fans over 100 Premier League games – football league, champions league, the Ashes and top quality golf,” David explains.

It’s a great deal, and, as we found out, it’s pretty popular to boot:

“Millions of people are enjoying mobile content from Sky Sports on a daily basis, through live coverage, news, scores, debates and conversations.”

“Millions of people are enjoying mobile content from Sky Sports on a daily basis.”

“Before this was possible, if there was a live event on and you weren’t sitting in front of a TV, you’d miss it. A mobile device means you’re never away from that moment – whether you’re at work, or out and about, or anywhere – you can tune in there and then.”

Crucially, because it’s now all at your fingertips, David explains that once you get into that habit of streaming mobile TV content, you’ll keep coming back. “We’ve created more opportunities for people to watch, and have seen people watch more as a result of being able to do so.”

And doing that is actually changing our viewing habits, too:

“We’re seeing that if something else is on the TV at that time, people are watching sport on their laps. For big events, the TV will always be the screen that you choose to watch first if you can. But what mobile gives you the opportunity to watch when you’re not in front of that big screen.”

Extra time


The joy of Vodafone 4G is that you’ll get great entertainment, with mobile speeds that are faster than 3G and double the data allowance to back it up. But where do we go from here? We asked David what’s coming over the next few years…

“In the future, demand for live sport and TV will continue to grow,” he explains. “At Sky, we’re going to keep investing in new technologies that’ll enhance and change the viewing experience.

“Launching on Vodafone’s 4G network helps us reach even more customers at a time when Sky Sports has never been better.”

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