Vodafone Pay as you go has just got a whole lot more special, thanks to our brilliant new Red Freedom Freebees. Welcome to the world of unlimited...


Pay as you go is going big. If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep control of your spending but needs to stay connected at all times, then we think we’ve just built you the perfect plan. Red Freedom Freebee is here, and it’s something of a game-changer, as Vodafone’s head of Pay as you go, Sten Van Der Ham, explains…

“We’re seeing more and more demand for large bundles of minutes, texts and internet access from our customers” says Sten, explaining the thinking behind our new Red Freedom Freebee. “They’ve always wanted to be able to control their spending, but getting more for their money is increasingly important as a means of managing their outgoings.”


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“They want to do more of what they love with less worry, whether it’s talking to their family, texting their mates or catching up on Facebook.”

It’s this insight that has helped Sten and his team to shape the new Red Freedom Freebee. So what’s the deal?

Unlimited minutes and texts plus loads of internet

“Red Freedom Freebee gives you *unlimited minutes and texts as well as loads of internet, and it’s the first time a plan like this has been launched in the UK,” Sten tells us.

“There is lots of competition in this market, and we hope our customers see unlimited minutes as a clear reason to choose Vodafone. Nobody else is offering that right now.

“There are now four Freedom Freebees to choose from.”

“There are now four Freedom Freebees to choose from,” Sten explains. “There are the two new Red Freedom Freebees, both of which have unlimited minutes and texts. You can top-up £30 for 1GB of mobile internet, and £40 for 2GB of internet to use for 30 days.

“There are also £10 and £20 plans below that, both of which offer unlimited texts.”

Sten tells us that it’s all about giving Pay as you go’s customers all the value that you can get on a monthly contract, but with all the benefit and freedom that comes with Pay as you go:

“Our Red Freedom Freebee is focused on those customers who want to be connected at all times, people who use their phone as their lifeline.”


“Crucially, they want maximum value and to keep control of their spending, which is why they choose to use Pay as you go.

“It’s all about freedom and flexibility,” Sten says. “Pay as you go customers want control, flexibility and simplicity. But it’s also for people who might not know where they’re going to be in six months’ time, so they don’t want to sign up to a year or two year contract.”

“The general perception of Pay as you go is that it’s a low-value market but we don’t see it that way at all. There’s a large and growing number of people who are very,very active phone users, and that’s why we’ve built this plan,” Sten says in closing, “for them.”

Tempted? Check out all of the details of the new Red Freedom Freebee on Vodafone.co.uk/freebees.  And remember: there’s loads more on offer from Vodafone Pay as you go – like Android Jelly Bean handsets at incredible prices.

* Minutes to UK mobiles and landlines (starting 01, 02, 03) within the UK. Standard UK text. UK internet. Terms apply.