The JustTextGiving Fittest Fundraiser challenge is now at the half way point, but how has winner Sophie Mullins been getting on?


Sophie Mullins is one half of our duo of JustTextGiving Fittest Fundraiser challenge winners, who each scooped the chance to win a place in seven of the Bupa Great Runs in 2013.

With the Great Edinburgh Run behind us we’re now at the half way point, so we’ve caught up with Sophie to see how she’s been getting on.

The story so far…

tiny runner“The recent run at gateshead was a bit of a nightmare,” says Sophie, speaking about the Bupa Great North 10K in June. “My condition wasn’t very well controlled, and I was quite unwell afterwards.” Sophie suffers from Mastocytosis, which, if it’s not carefully monitored, can cause serious issues. And it was because of that, that the Bupa Great North 10K set Sophie back a bit…

“I think the problem at Gateshead was that I tried to get a really good time in bad conditions; it was really cold and wet and I’d not really taken into consideration that it was quite undulating, too.”

Thankfully, Sophie’s come out of that adversity stronger than ever, and she managed to run her most recent race without any issues: “I managed to get things back on track for the last race. Edinburgh’s the home run for me, and it’s definitely been my favourite. It was great fun and it went really well – it wasn’t too hot, either! I did the first half holding back a little bit, and ran faster the second for the second half, and that seemed to work a lot better than my tactic at Gateshead.”

There’s more to come

“The next one on the calendar is the Great North Run,” Sophie explains, “which is nine weeks away, so a fair while yet. That’s the one I’m most looking forward to now, as it’s a very iconic race.”

It certainly is: the Bupa Great North Run is a half marathon that snakes around Newcastle and South Tyneside for 13.1 miles. It’s not until 15 September, so Sophie’s got big plans to use the interim time for training, and to turn up on rare form…

“I’m also trying to break the 90 minute barrier there…”

“I’m also trying to break the 90 minute barrier there. That’s a massive ask, but I think it’s feasible with the way my training’s been going.” And it helps that Sophie, a self-confessed running fanatic, is going above and beyond the JustTextGiving Fittest Fundraiser challenge on a weekly basis:

“I’ve also been doing a midweek series with my club,” she explains, “and I’m currently joint-leading that. The final race is Balbarrow, which is in a couple of weeks, and if I come in the top four I’ll win the series. I hope that’s doable, but it depends on who turns up on the day.” You can follow all of Sophie’s running exploits on her blog.


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Of course, it’s not just about Sophie’s love of running; she’s taking part to try and raise money for a cause that’s close to her heart:

“Fundraising’s been going steadily,” Sophie says, “using JustTextGiving, Twitter and my blog to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Research.” If you’d like to support Sophie’s worthy cause, you can text TINY81 and your chosen amount of money (for example, TINY81 £3) to 70070, to donate using JustTextGiving.

Keep on running… Stay tuned for more from Sophie’s JustTextGiving Fittest Fundraiser challenge experience, as well as our other winner Grant Counsell’s side of the story. There’s loads more info on the Fittest Fundraiser challenge here.