Vodafone's 4G network is just around the corner, but do you know all the facts? Here's everything you need to know ahead of the launch later this year.


Vodafone 4G here. We’ve launched in London, and are rolling out to 98% of the UK over the next two years. But what do you need to know about our ultrafast network’s arrival?

Never fear: we’ve compiled everything we’ve got on 4G into one handy place. There’s the inside story of how we’re preparing and testing the network, info on some of the world’s most powerful 4G-ready devices, a look at the new 4G branded cabs and everything in between.

First up, the big news:


4gplanthumbVodafone’s Red 4G-ready plans revealed!
Ready for something amazing? We’ve just unveiled Vodafone’s Red 4G-ready plans, and they’re a little bit special…
Click here for the full details.


And now that our plans are out of the bag, take a look at the links below to bring yourself up to speed…


frequenciesexplainedVodafone 4G: Signal and Frequencies Explained

Confused about 4G, Ofcom and frequencies measured in MHz? Don’t worry – we’ve been speaking to the man who can explain it all in plain English.


VODAFONE-tour1thumbVodafone 4G Tour touches down in London

Are you ready for 4G? Well, ready or not, here we come! We’ve now kicked off our nationwide tour to bring Vodafone 4G to life in front of your very eyes…


skysportsthumbEverything you need to know about Sky Sports Mobile TV

If you choose #4GSport as part of your Vodafone Red 4G-ready plan, you’re in for a wealth of sporting action. Here’s all the info you need on Sky Sports Mobile TV.


vodafonecityscapethumbThe Vodafone 4G Tour: Heading to a city near you

Ready for Vodafone 4G? We’re kicking off a tour of the UK to showcase what 4G really means for you, all with the help of some pretty pioneering technology.


hdxthumbAmazon Kindle Fire HDX

Meet the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 – a couple of brand new tablets coming exclusively to Vodafone UK. Read on for all the juicy details.


htconemaxthumbHTC One max lands first at Vodafone

Ready for something big? Meet the HTC One max. HTC’s latest is a 5.9-inch beauty with everything that makes the One family great, and then some…


spotifymainthumbEverything you need to know about Spotify Premium

If you choose #4GMusic as part of your Vodafone 4G plan, you’re in for a world of audio goodness. Here’s everything you need to get the most out of Spotify.


iPhone5cthumbiPhone 5c trade-in now available!

Apple’s colourful new iPhone, the iPhone 5c, is now available at Vodafone. But why is it so special? And what does the web’s tech press think?


glasgowVodafone 4G coming Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester

Another month means another raft of cities to add to our 4G rollout, and a new Vodafone 4G milestone. Read on for all the details.


z30groupBlackBerry Z30 lands at Vodafone

The BlackBerry Z30 is here! The latest flagship in the BB10 lineup is 4G-ready, big and beautiful, but with brains to match. Read on for all the details…


GSN3-black-vodaSamsung GALAXY Note 3 comes to Vodafone UK!

Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? Nope, it’s a phablet: the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 has arrived, equipped with its gigantic full HD 5.7-inch screen and stylus…


vodafone4g3Being clear on coverage: Introducing the new Vodafone Coverage Checker

You want to join the network, but how do you know what to expect in the first place? We’ve fix that chicken-and-egg situation for you.


vodafone4g3Our next five 4G cities go live on 28 September

If you live in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham or Sheffield, we’ve got some very good news: Vodafone 4G is coming your way soon.


vodafone4g3Sony Xperia Z1 coming to Vodafone UK: A 4G-ready powerhouse

Sony’s taken the Sony Xperia Z back to the drawing board and supercharged almost everything about it. The result? Something very special.


vodafone4g3Vodafone 4G: The high speed penalty shootout

4G has landed in London. To celebrate, we’ve been down to Trafalgar Square with some of London’s most famous footballers in tow….


guylaurenceVodafone UK’s CEO Guy Laurence: “4G finally has a purpose”

Our Vodafone 4G network has gone live in London, beginning its roll out across the UK. Here’s why Guy Laurence, Vodafone UK CEO, thinks it’s so special…


Base Station and Vodafone engineer

What actually happens during a network rollout?

What’s going on behind the scenes when Vodafone 4G goes live in each city? That’s exactly what we’ve asekd Yago Tenorio – Vodafone UK’s head of networks.


christian-payne-03Documentally on 4G

Blogger and speaker Documentally, AKA Christian Payne, is a tech power user and a mobile media guru. So what’s he most excited about when it comes to 4G?


spotifymainthumbSpotify and #4GMusic according to the experts

20 million songs available on demand? Spotify and Vodafone 4G can offer just that. But what does all that music do to our listening habits? Enter the experts…


s3note2thumbThe Vodafone 4G Promise

Ready for 4G? With our 4G Promise you could be. Read on to find out how we could slash 75% off of your remaining bills, and bring you up to speed…


spotifythumbSpotify talks 4G, mobile and the future

Vodafone’s Red 4G-ready plans are here, and there’s a Spotify Premium membership up for grabs with all of them. But why is #4Gmusic a match made in heaven?


r212Vodafone R212: Our first 4G-ready Mobile Wi-Fi device

Ready for 4G? Our newest mobile Wi-Fi device, the Vodafone R212, certainly is – with speeds of up to 100Mbps coming to a pocket near you.


mobileinternetyagoHow we’re changing everything, including the kitchen sink

4G is nearly here, and we’re busy making sure that the next evolution of our network will be really special. But how do you go from 3G to 4G?


cabs3Check out the Vodafone London taxis’ new look livery!

It’s time for a refresh. Vodafone’s London taxis are already the best looking ride around, but now all 800 cabs are getting a fresh lick of paint in time for 4G.


Santiago TenarioVodafone UK’s head of networks reveals the future

The onset of mobile data has changed the way we use our phones forever, but what’s coming next? According to our UK head of networks, something huge…


networktestingThe data that shapes the future of Vodafone

To make sure our mobile network stays in tip top condition, everything’s tested thoroughly and regularly. But what do we look for? And how do we use the data?


Base-StationVodafone UK’s £900 million network investment plan explained

Something big’s on the way, and we’re not taking it lightly. Read up on our new round of network spending, and how we’re gearing up for 4G…


at800thumbAll you need to know about at800

Ever heard of at800? It’s the company designed to fix a problem before it even occurs, to keep your telly watching pristine and to safeguard your 4G signal.


touchscreen future4G: Getting closer to getting faster

The results of the Ofcom 4G spectrum auction are in. What does it mean for Vodafone’s upcoming 4G network? And what does it mean for you?


Vodafone-logoResponding to Ofcom’s 4G spectrum decision

Our official response to Ofcom’s announcement regarding Everything Everywhere and 4G services. Read it here.


3g phonesA brief history of mobile data: The road to the next generation…

We’ve come a long way since the first mobile phone call, but did you know the secrets behind mobile data’s long journey? Or what’s lying beyond?


Caught up? We’ll be adding to this exhaustive list as more 4G features, news and tidbits begin to mount up – so stay tuned to Vodafone Social.