We've invited our most prolific eForum Community Experts to Vodafone HQ to get their hands on the Nokia Lumia 925. What do they think of it? Find out here.


Put the time in at the Vodafone eForum and you might find yourself being granted the title of Community Expert. The rewards don’t start and stop at a forum badge, though; there’s extra perks aplenty, including access to some of the newest phones around.

We recently invited some of our most prolific Community Experts to Vodafone HQ for an exclusive one-to-one session with Nokia to find out more about the Lumia 925.


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Following this session, and ahead of their chance to use the device themselves in real life, we caught up with Nabs, JeffKinn and TheSoupDragon to get their first impressions, and things are looking pretty rosy on all fronts:




“As with all Nokia made handsets, the Lumia 925 is very solidly built,” says Nabs. “It’s very thin and light with a fantastic quality screen that’s been very easy to read in the rare few days of bright sunlight we’ve had this summer.”

But it’s not just hardware that’s won Nabs’ favour: “Windows Phone 8 is fast and very responsive, the live tiles are very useful and the integrated Twitter, Facebook, and SMS feeds are a great idea and a big step forward; if Microsoft integrate other popular chat services(e.g. BBM, Google Hangouts etc.) this is a potential game changer in the mobile scene.

“There are a lot of very useful Nokia apps bundled into the device too. HERE Drive and HERE maps are great quality and very accurate and, as they’re stored offline, they’re quick to load and browse around. On top of that, the Nokia Smart Cam app has some amazing features, I think my favourite being the motion removal lens which quickly and easily removes a moving object from the picture.”


jeff kinn


JeffKinn’s also a fan of the hardware on the new Lumia, telling us: “The Nokia Lumia 925 has clean, uncomplicated lines and a solid feel. The screen is clear with very good definition and the phone has a real overall feeling of quality about it.

“The setup process was very easy,” he says, “giving you the choice of using either an existing Microsoft Live login or creating a new one on the fly. In a lot of phones the settings screens are very extensive and confusing. This isn’t so on the Nokia Lumia 925, and the relevant options are clearly laid out and quite logical.

What about the other parts of Windows Phone 8? “The live tiles are unusual and engaging,” says Jeff, “and gives you the opportunity to create a really unique home screen. Overall this feels like it’s going to be a fun phone to use, and I’m very much looking forward to getting to know the Lumia 925 and its features a lot better.”




Tim Jones (AKA TheSoupDragon)’s appreciation of the Nokia Lumia 925 makes it three for three: “After opening the box for the first time, I was presented with a really sleek and smooth device – the Lumia 925’s rounded edges of give it a very tactile quality.

“It’s incredibly thin and light, yet retains an air of quality that some manufacturers sometimes let slip.

“The build quality really is exceptional,” he adds, explaining that “the three buttons along the right edge are reassuringly firm, with a definitive click. The inclusion of a dedicated Camera button is something that I definitely like, and it wakes the Camera almost instantly from standby.”


“In my opinion, Nokia’s built one of the best examples of phone hardware that I’ve seen in a long time!

“Nokia’s Camera is amazing, too” says Tim. “It’s 8.1-Megapixels of shear delight! Some of the things that you can do with the Camera, like edit people out of shots or create short animated images, are truly amazing, and the video quality is also exceptional.

“I also love the way that Windows Phone 8 pulls everything into a unified central Hub of communication,” Tim says, wrapping up. “I can Tweet and Facebook simultaneously. Or I can start a conversation as a text message, and then switch to Facebook or Twitter without losing the context of the conversation, since all replies can come into one centralised Home.”


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It’s unanimous! Our Community Experts all seem pretty taken with the Nokia Lumia 925, but they’re only just beginning to scratch the surface. We’ll be coming back to them in the near future for a more in-depth look at what they think. In the meantime, here’s absolutely everything you need to know about the Nokia Lumia 925 in once place.