How can you use the mobile internet on holiday and keep on top of your spending at the same time? Worry not: A new guide from Ofcom explains the basics...


Off on your summer holidays? While your immediate priorities may include trying to find your passport or cramming an extra towel into an uncooperative suitcase, there is one other important thing to think about before you step onto the plane: your mobile phone.

You need to make sure you take the right precautions when it comes to using your minutes, texts and mobile internet allowance abroad so you can keep your spending under control. Thankfully, Ofcom – the UK’s regulatory authority – has just released a handy guide that aims to keep you safe from post-holiday ‘bill shock’.

Ofcom’s guide, which is available here, lays down all the info you need to soak up before leaving the UK with your trusty smartphone in tow. Whether it’s information on international tariffs or tips on how to keep your phone secure, the official Ofcom guide has got you covered:


RoambannOfcom’s full guide
Read up on how to stave off holiday ‘bill shock’ with Ofcom’s official guide.
Click here to read or download the full guide.


That’s great, but here’s something even better: Vodafone UK customers all have an extra trick up their sleeve – one that’ll make it even easier for you to use your mobile without needing to worry when you’re abroad…


Vodafone EuroTraveller is your shield against unwanted charges when using your phone abroad, and activating it can be done in less time than it takes to close the zip on that bulging suitcase.

What’s the deal? Simple: for an extra £3 per day, you can take all of your UK minutes, texts and mobile internet allowance with you on your travels, anywhere within our Europe zone. That means you can continue to use your phone as usual without worrying about any surprise charges on your next bill.

To activate EuroTraveller, simply call 5555 from your Vodafone mobile, or text ADD to 40506. Easy.


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Ready to get going? Click here for more information on EuroTraveller. Oh, and don’t forget the sun-tan lotion!