It's time for a refresh. Vodafone's London taxis are already the best looking ride around, but now all 800 cabs are getting a fresh lick of paint in time for 4G.

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Anyone familiar with the busy streets of London will be well used to seeing our fleet of Vodafone-branded taxis winging their way through town. Well, we think it’s time for a spruce up. With our ultrafast 4G network just on the horizon, we’ve decided it’s time the Vodafone taxis got a fresh lick of paint.


Yoda-featured-imageMeet the man behind the wheel
Yoda’s hopped into one of our London taxis. But who’s driving?
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To help us gear up for the arrival of Vodafone 4G, our fleet of 800 black taxis has been completely redesigned to represent the shift in gear that’s coming to our mobiles in 2013.

The need for speed


The new livery is the result of several design stages; we’ve completely stripped the old taxis back to their bases, adorned them with a unique set of new trails and waves, and then tweaked and coloured them to really portray the kind of speed and energy that’s soon to be pumped directly into our 4G-Ready phones.


“Now in its third year, our Vodafone London taxis have become a unique and dominant feature on the streets of London,” says Fiona Mayo, Senior Marketing Manager, Vodafone UK.

“So we’re very excited to be able to bring a‘new fleet to the street’  to signal our upcoming 4G launch, and to give Londoners the best looking taxi ride they can get.”


Hopefully, you can see that supercharged sense of speed yourself in these exclusive pics. Be sure to watch out for the made-over taxis in London when they hit the streets from first July onwards.

One thing’s for sure: this is one Hackney cab without a hackneyed look. Click here for more on our London taxis.