The Nokia Lumia 925 is ready and waiting for your order. Need a bit more info? No worries: we've got it all here, in one place.


It’s here. Nokia’s new king of the hill has landed at Vodafone UK, and we’re ready to take your order. The Nokia Lumia 925 is a mighty handsome handset, and it brings with it the very best of Windows Phone 8.

But what if you’re new to the party? No worries: simply click a link below to be given a complete tour of all things Nokia Lumia 925. Whether it’s specs, pics, video or the pricing info you’re after, we’ve got you covered…


new925thumbBuy your Nokia Lumia 925 here
All clued up and ready to get hold of your Nokia Lumia 925? It’s available now at Vodafone UK, in store or over the phone. What are you waiting for?!
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Everything you need to know:


lumia925officialThe future of Lumia
We’ve spoken to Nokia to see what we can learn about the Lumias of tomorrow.
Click here to see into the future.


925 carouselRunning the Lumia gauntlet
How does Nokia test its phones? The answer, as we found out, is very, very thoroughly…
Click here to find out what the Lumia 925 has been through.


lumia925newthumbNokia Lumia 925: The Vodafone eForum’s verdict
What are our eForum Community Experts’ first impressions of the Lumia 925?
Click here to read what our Community Experts think.


9251Nokia Lumia 925 pricing revealed
We opened our pre-order process last week, revealing the pricing at the same time.
Click here for more info on our Lumia 925 offers.


9252Nokia Lumia 925 on video
We couldn’t let such a pretty phone escape the Vodafone spotlight. Here it is in all its glory.
Click here to watch our Nokia Lumia 925 hands-on video.


9254Nokia Lumia 925: The web speaks
We love the 925, but what does the press think? That’s exactly what we wanted to find out.
Click here for first impressions from those in the know.


lumia925officialNokia Lumia 925 specs
We were there at the Lumia 925 announcement, and we’ve got all the details.
Click here for the official Nokia Lumia 925 specs.


All caught up? You can order your Nokia Lumia 925 here. Stay tuned to this page for more on the Lumia 925 soon.