On Pay as you go but unsure about how to get into the smartphone game? Worry not: we've got the perfect offer for you...


Imagine the mobile internet as a rollercoaster. Its sheer rate of acceleration has been rapid, but if you weren’t in the queue at the start, how are you going to get on now? Relax: we’ve got you covered. Our new Find Your Feet offer is our effort to bring that rollercoaster back to the starting grid, right in front of you, and then to give you as many turns on it as you like without worrying. Read on to find out more.

“It started with two insights,” says Sten van der Ham, Head of Pay as you go at Vodafone. “One is the current economic climate, where a lot of people are becoming more and more price conscious. The second is that we know there are big groups of customers who are thinking more and more about how smartphones could help them in their life, but who currently have feature phones. They see that their friends, family, children and even grandchildren might have smartphones, and that encourages them to make that step.”


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Ok, so there’s a whole bunch of people there who’re on the brink of buying a smartphone, but that love the flexibility of Pay as you go. The only obstacles to overcome, then, are making things the right price, and helping people get to grips with the mobile internet.

“Something needs to change,” Sten says. “There’s a bit of a fear of the mobile internet and how much it’s going to cost people. So it’s not just the device that’s important, but the pricing behind it and the help that people might need to get themselves accustomed to using a smartphone.”

The solution

Enter ‘Find Your Feet’, our new way for you to jump onto the smartphone wagon. Sten explains the basics: “We’re introducing a new offer to help customers explore the mobile internet without needing to worry about eating into their Pay as you go credit. Find Your Feet is available to any customer purchasing a Freedom Freebee between 12 June and 31 July, and gives them 30 days of free UK internet access to use without worrying.”

“Most Pay as you go customers will only use a few hundred Megabytes in a month.”

Helping yourself to data will be a new experience for a lot of people, but Sten’s convinced it’ll also be a really surprising one. “Most Pay as you go customers will, even with the freedom of Find Your Feet for 30 days, only use a few hundred Megabytes in a month – not the big Gigabyte that you might think you’ll need.”

Stats from Sten’s team shows that most Pay as you go customers will only use 200-300Mb each month, but with the Find Your Feet deal you’ll be able to work out exactly what your needs are without eating into your credit for those first 30 days..

And, on top of that, we’re here to help you along every step of the way…

Let’s do this together

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“In store,” Sten adds, “we also want to give people the right coaching to start using data. So we’ll help set up phones for the web and show people how to watch YouTube videos, download apps and more. We’ve been training our retail assistants to really help customers.”

“It’s all about helping people,” Sten adds. “Very often, Pay as you go is a self-service product – people buy a phone and take it home and have to find their own way. We know we need to help those customers because there are a few barriers that we need to overcome. Vodafone is leading the way with this training and help; nobody else is offering this kind of service.”

Ready to jump on board? The Find Your Feet offer kicks off tomorrow with a brand new range of amazing Android smartphones, and anyone who buys a Freedom Freebee before the end of July will be entitled to 30 days of as much UK mobile internet access as they need. Click here for all the info.