The BlackBerry Q10 is a mighty capable mobile, but only once you've sorted the basics. Luckily, if you need some help, the Vodafone Tech Team are on hand...


Whether you’ve already got a BlackBerry Q10 or you’re eyeing one up, the best-of-both phone is a real treat. It offers the fluid, gesture-based touchscreen thrills of the new BlackBerry 10 platform and the rock-solid physical BlackBerry keyboard that’s won legions of fans round the world.


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But, as swish as that package is, you’ll only really feel the benefits once you get past the initial steps. If you need a spot of help with your BlackBerry Q10, or if you just want to see a bit more of it in action, the Vodafone Tech Team have got your back.

Check out the below Tech Team vids to get your BlackBerry Q10 up and running without fuss, muss or hassle.







More, more, more: If you need more info on the BlackBerry Q10, Vodafone Social is the place for you. We’ve got more hands-on video action here, all the specs and details here, and you can order yours here.