Something big's on the way. Read up on how we're gearing up for 4G...


Wondering what the latest is on our 4G network plans? We’ve just announced some exciting news about a major increase in the amount we’re investing in our network, so read on for more details about what this will mean for Vodafone customers.

What’s the deal?

We’re boosting investment in our network as part of the plans to integrate our fixed and mobile infrastructure for business customers and in preparation for the launch of ultra-fast 4G services by the late summer.

Our spending will increase 50% to more than £900m this financial year, which equates to more than £2.5m every day.

“The investment boost will support our preparations for ultra-fast 4G services, which will launch by the end of the summer.”

What’s the money going to be used for, we hear you ask? Well, first up we’re creating a seamlessly integrated fixed and mobile network, having last year acquired one of the UK’s largest fixed communications providers Cable & Wireless Worldwide for more than £1bn. This integrated network will support businesses and public sector customers in creating innovative services, simplifying their operations, increasing productivity and reaping the benefits of better ways of working.

The investment boost will also support our preparations for ultra-fast 4G services, which will launch by the end of the summer. Having spent £802m securing the widest portfolio of available spectrum in the recent Ofcom auction, our preparations are well underway for the next generation of mobile internet services and we’re on track to provide coverage using 2G, 3G or 4G services to 98% of the UK population.

As Vodafone UK chief exec Guy Laurence says himself, this is all part of the plan to build our best ever network:

“This is great news for customers and further evidence of our commitment to deliver our best ever network. We’re bringing together the best of mobile and fixed communications to help our business customers make their communications work for them.

“For consumers, it’s another important step towards the arrival of our ultra-fast 4G service later this year. It is also great news for the country. We’re investing in vital national infrastructure that can help play an important role in supporting growth in the wider economy.”