Whether it's Tech Team tricks or info on the latest and best in our phone lineup, these are the videos that've held your attention of the last month.


We may be fast approaching the longest day of the year already, but if you’ve got a new phone on the way, we bet it feels more like the night before Christmas. There’s nothing quite like savouring the anticipation, and splurging on videos to learn all about your new device winging its way to you – and that’s exactly what you’ve been up to over on the Vodafone UK YouTube page.


NokiaLumianewthumbHands-on with the Nokia Lumia 925 
We get a closer look at the new Lumia, and find out what the web’s tech press think.
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We’ve totted up the numbers for the last month, and pulled up the five most popular videos for your viewing pleasure. This month’s it’s been all about the Samsung GALAXY S4 – but the brand new Nokia Lumia 925 got lots of love too.

So without further ado, here they are. Check both phones out in action in the videos below:






Want even more? Head over to the Vodafone UK YouTube page to fill your boots on exclusive video goodness.