Like the look of the Samsung GALAXY S4? We're exactly the same, which is why we've been putting it back under he camera lens. This time, The Vodafone Tech Team are walking us through the basics.

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The Samsung GALAXY S4 is here, and we’re all a bit blown away: it really is a thing of beauty. It’s so awesome, in fact, that we’ve barely been able to take our eyes – or our camera lens – off it. Now the Vodafone Tech Team have had enough time to get to grips with Samsung’s latest, and have unravelled its mysteries in video form for your viewing pleasure. Ready to learn all you need to know? Read on…


galaxys4thumbSamsung GALAXY S 4 details
Unravel Samsung’s brand new flagship phone.
All the specs, all the info, and all the reasons to be excited.


Underneath that stunning 5-inch display sits a monstrously powerful quad-core processor, and that allows the GALAXY S4 to perform a variety of pretty special tricks. We’ve run through some of those in our previous videos, but what about the basics?

If you need a spot of help getting started, or just want to watch the Samsung GALAXY S4 do its thing, check out the new crop of Tech Team videos below:







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