We get up close and personal with the brand new Nokia Lumia 925, and find out what the web's tech press have to say about Nokia's new flagship.


Missed the news? Nokia’s just unveiled its latest and greatest Lumia to date, the Nokia Lumia 925. It’s a phone brimming with standout features, which is why we’re so pleased to be on board and poised to stock it just as soon as we can.


NokiaLumianewthumbNokia Lumia 925 coming to Vodafone! 
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As per usual, we’ve been keen to see the industry’s reaction. That’s why we’ve asked some of the web’s most respected tech journalists what their thoughts are. Is the Nokia Lumia 925 everything we could hope for?

What the web thinks


Gareth Beavis | TechRadar
“The Lumia 925 is a step forward in a very long journey for Nokia back to the front of the smartphone game.”

Tom Warren | The Verge
“Nokia’s Lumia 925 design and body builds on the 720 and takes it a step further. With a great camera included, and Nokia’s range of exclusive apps, the Lumia 925 is the best Windows Phone yet.”

Duncan Madden | Mashable
“It looks very nice. The Smart Cam is obviously the cool USP and the cool feature. It’ll be fun to really get to use it, see how easy they are to use and make some really nice images with it.”


Ernest Doku | USwitch
“This is the one that true Nokia fans have been waiting for. The 925 is lighter, smarter and made of sterner stuff, thanks to its aluminum frame. The marriage of technical expertise in mobile imaging with a gorgeous piece of hardware shows that the Finnish manufacturer still has fire in its belly.”

Ben Sillis | The Gadget Show
“Nokia’s known for its design prowess, but until now, its Lumia phones have been built like tanks. That’s just changed. Taking a cue from its competitors, it’s switched to a much thinner, all-metal shell. This feels like the Windows Phone we’ve deserved all along.”


But, as the adage goes, a picture says a thousand words, which is why we’ve also gone hands-on and snapped a few shots of the Nokia Lumia 925 in all its splendour, duly dotted throughout this post. Feast your eyes!

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