The Nokia Lumia 925 is here. It's the new flagship in the Lumia range, bringing together a boat load of brilliant new features. Read on to find out more.


The wait’s over: the Nokia Lumia 925 is here. After much rumour and speculation, and after we confirmed that Vodafone would be stocking it last week, Nokia has unveiled its new flagship device. The Nokia Lumia 925 is a beast of a phone, absolutely stuffed with bleeding edge tech. What’s the story? Read on to find out.

Let’s start with what you can see, and work our way in. The first thing that’ll strike you when you spot the Lumia 925 is the 4.5-inch display. Why? Because its 1280×768 pixel resolution proffers some pretty exceptional sharpness and video playback.


NokiaLumianewthumbHands-on with the Nokia Lumia 925 
We get a closer look at the new Lumia, and find out what the web’s tech press think.
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Spin the Lumia 925 round and you’ll see the camera. It’s an 8.7-Megapixel PureView stunner that’ll also record in 1080p full HD at 30 frames-per-second. There’s a dual LED flash, Nokia’s brilliant optical image stabilisation and a 4x digital zoom. That’s backed up with a front-facing camera weighing in at 1.2-Megapixels.

Beauty isn’t skin deep

Underneath those stellar headline features sits the Lumia 925’s enormous brains. At Vodafone UK we’ve exclusively got the black version of the Nokia Lumia 925 that boasts 32GB of storage, and that rubs shoulders with a meaty dual-core processor and an LTE chip, which means it’s 4G-Ready and will play nice with our 4G network when we launch it later this year.

“We’ve exclusively got the black version of the Lumia 925 that boasts 32GB of storage.”

All that’s wrapped up in the silky goodness of the Windows Phone 8 platform and encased in an aluminium and polycarbonate body that’s only 8.5 mm thick. Oh, and it’s quite the looker – Nokia has clearly harnessed and refined all it’s learned from previous Lumias to create something really special in the 925.


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