Nokia's hosting a Lumia event on May 14th, and we'll be there. Why? Well, Vodafone UK's going to be part of the next chapter in the Lumia story...


Update: The Nokia Lumia 925 is now official, and coming to Vodafone UK!

There’s something big, bold and beautiful coming just around the corner. Nokia has invited the tech press to a gathering in London on May 14th to ‘see what’s next’ from Lumia, acting as the stage for the unveiling of a brand new Lumia product. The Vodafone team will be there in attendance, which can only mean one thing…

“Vodafone UK will be stocking the next chapter in the Lumia story.”

Yep, that’s right: we’re proud to be able to say that (even though our lips are firmly sealed ahead of the launch) Vodafone UK will be stocking the next chapter in the Lumia story.


We’ll be able to bring you a whole load more when the time comes, but for now you can rest assured that we’ll be among the first UK networks to offer Nokia’s new darling.

We love the Nokia Lumia range, so this is a no brainer – the unique colours, the solid build and brilliant designs marry up perfectly with the slickness of Windows Phone 8. We currently stock the Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 520 and 620, and we can’t wait to bring any new members of the Lumia family into the fold.

Excited? Stay tuned for all the latest from May 14th, when the Nokia Lumia event spills the beans.