The BlackBerry Q10 marries the best of BB10 and that classic BlackBerry keyboard. We love it, but what do the experts think?


The BlackBerry Q10 is the latest star in the world of BlackBerry 10, the company’s all-new mobile platform. First out of the gates was the BlackBerry Z10, a touchscreen monolith, but this is something altogether a bit different.

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The Q10 offers a best-of-both answer to all BlackBerry fans’ prayers, by splicing the infamous keyboard with a top touchscreen and the slick, fluid powers of BlackBerry 10. But you needn’t just take our word for it: we’ve been out and hunted opinions from some of the web’s most notable tech journalists.

David Phelan | TimeOut
“The new BlackBerry software is already a breath of fresh air but diehard BlackBerry fans who crave a physical keyboard have been waiting for this. The QWERTY is terrific, the compact size is excellent and the interface delightful.”

“The Q10′s shaping up to be the best of both worlds.”

Ben Sillis | The Gadget Show
“BlackBerry used to be all about the keyboard – it was the reason you bought one once upon a time. But although touchscreen smartphones have become the norm, there’s still a huge crowd out there who want a rock solid QWERTY keyboard to fly through emails.

“The Q10’s shaping up to be the best of both worlds: a sharp touchscreen and apps aplenty, combined with a perfect physical keyboard. Your muscle memory will thank you.”

Chris Hall | Pocket-lint
“The BlackBerry Q10 is the keyboard device that BlackBerry owners have been waiting for. It brings that BlackBerry DNA to a completely revamped device that, whilst refreshed, will be an easy move for BlackBerry Bold users. The Q10 is the new king of keyboards.”

Libby Plummer | T3
“The BlackBerry Q10 is easily the brand’s best physical keyboard-toting phone yet – the typing experience is unparalleled.”

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