Seven amazing runs, no costs and no worries - that's what we've got on offer with JustTextGiving. Find out some of the finer details here...


What are you waiting for?! Our JustTextGiving competition to whisk one lucky runner to seven of this year’s best races is underway, but it’s closing this Sunday (May 5th). You can read all about it here and learn how to enter here, but why’s it so great? And how big is the challenge? We caught up with Dave Newton from Great Run organisers Nova International, to find out exactly that.

“The first event of the series, the Bupa Great Manchester Run, is the UK’s biggest 10k running event,” says Dave, “where you’ll be joining 40,000 other runners on the streets of one of the UKs most exciting cities.” As Dave is keen to point out, if you can manage that distance by May 26th, you’ll be well on your way to being fit enough to take on the rest:

“The majority of the events are 10k distances, so there’s a nice build up to the big half marathons – the Bupa Great North Run in September and the Bupa Great Birmingham Run in October, with the fast and flat 10 mile Bupa Great South Run on the 27th giving you the opportunity to end your season on a high.”


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“The timing means there’s a nice, long training period with the 10k races, which will help people get their fitness up to scratch. Hopefully by the time the Great North Run comes around the winner will be one of the fittest runners on the course!”

Charity champion


“Fittest Fundraiser is a brilliant opportunity for anyone who’s looking to go that step further in raising money for their charities,” Dave says. “To take on seven Great Runs in 2013 is a big challenge, and will obviously give a real focus to anyone’s fundraising.”


Dave’s right: the Fittest Fundraiser competition is a powerful opportunity for anyone serious about building up stacks of cash for a worthy cause, because it’s powered in part by JustTextGiving – Vodafone’s text donation service.

“In offering this amazing prize, JustTextGiving will play a big role in supporting the fundraiser,” says Dave. “Understandably, getting donations in the current economic climate is difficult, so the ability to be able to text a contribution is huge – most people use their phone for everything these days anyway!

“At Great Run we’ll support the winner as much as we can….”

“The ability for people to give their friends and family a code and make a donation so simple, and not have to come back and actually collect physical money, removes the barrier to raising as much as you possibly can.

“To make it as easy as possible for people to donate is a brilliant boost for fundraising.”

What’s more, you’ll also get help from the Great Run team: “At Great Run we’ll support the winner as much as we can with training help and advice, so if you’ve got a really worthy cause and you’re really passionate about the charity that you’re raising money for, then this is the right competition for you.”

Taking care of business

So, let’s recap: enter this competition, and you could win a spot in each of the seven events in the Bupa Great Run Series in 2013, starting at the end of May and ending in October. You get to build your fitness to herculean standards, raise a boatload of money for your favourite charity, and raise that charity’s profile through the roof.

And the best bit? We’ll sort all your travel, accommodation and race fees.

“This is an incredible competition,” adds Dave. “It’s a great opportunity for people to boost not only their own fitness and their fundraising, but also take the profile of their charity to another level.”

Get involved: Find out how to enter the competition here.