Guess what? We're one year young! To celebrate one whole year of the official Vodafone blog, join us for a recap of some of our most amazing stories...


That mysterious red circle on your calendar? That’s to mark Vodafone Social’s first birthday, of course! This site, our official blog, has been alive for 12 months, and in that time we’ve been able to bring you some of the best and most surprising stories from behind the scenes at Vodafone.

Now, with the cake all scoffed and our party hats gently tipped to a jaunty angle, it’s time to look back over the past year. We’ve picked out 12 of our and favourite posts, our best interviews and our most popular features to revisit for a celebratory trip down memory lane. Party poppers at the ready…

Inside the Faraday cage

Faraday-cage-featured-imageHow do you test a new phone? Well, if you want to do it right you need a really, really big cage, and some of the most advanced mobile kit in the world. In this video, we talk to test engineer James Mortlock to find out what happens inside the mysterious Faraday cage, and why his work is so important to the phone in your pocket.


The Booster Brolly

Dr Kenneth Tong’s job is to dream up the kind of things that we’ll all take for granted in 20 years. His is a world of crazy concepts and grand schemes, but the one thing we were really intrigued by when we caught up with him? An umbrella that would actually boost your signal in rural areas, making it perfect for rainy music festivals.


A Firm(ware) handshake

Iterations in Android firmware come thick and fast, so it’s a challenge to make sure that we can roll them out to you as soon as possible. For this post, we ventured backstage to see the rigorous network tests that went into bringing the Ice Cream update to our Android lineup in a reliable, timely fashion.


Sony’s design secrets

SonyXperiaZThe Xperia Z is a mighty fine looking phone, but that’s no happy accident. We wanted the inside story of how it came to look the way it does, so we spoke to Sony’s Catherine Cherry to get just that. And some of what she said came as a real surprise…


eForum expertise

eforum1Recently, we’ve been delving into the world of the Vodafone eForum. The online community is waiting and willing to help you out with any problem you might have with your phone, but what does it take to become a voluntary Community Expert? We’ve spoken to TheSoupDragon, Nabs and JeffKinn to learn the ropes.


Open femto magic

east-garstonHow do you bring mobile signal to a place where there is none? Easy: all you need is a bit of tech wizardry and the help of the local community. To mark the pilot test of our ongoing open femto trial, we took a trip to East Garston to find out how the arrival of a strong mobile phone signal is changing the village for the better.


Fashion meets tech

PoppyDinseyFBPoppy Dinsey is the ace up our sleeve when it comes to all things fashion. For two seasons running we’ve caught up with the fashion blogging phenomenon to get the lowdown on how technology and mobile phones are making a big difference to today’s catwalks at events like London Fashion week. Can your social networking affect your future wardrobe?


Designing the future

Gaby-polaroid-editLast year we introduced you to Gaby Sahhar, an art student who had won a Vodafone competition to design the back of the Vodafone Smart II. Thing is, Gaby’s designs didn’t start and stop at the Picasso-inspired pattern – it turns out he had a few great ideas about mobile phone design in general. Has he dreamed up the world’s best phone?


Inside Formula One

Gary PaffettWhat did you want to be when you grew up? If one of the things on your list was ‘Formula One driver’, then you’ll probably be keen to find out what Gary Paffett’s life is actually like. He’s a test driver for the McLaren F1 team, which means he spends a whopping 60 days a year in the driving seat, putting the pinnacle of car tech through its paces.


WiFi on the Underground

London-UndergroundWe all love killing time on our phones, and we all hate waiting. That’s exactly why social networking or surfing the web while you wait for a train to arrive is a perfect fit. Good news, then: we now offer all Vodafone customers access to WiFi at over 90 London Underground stations, at no extra cost. Click here to find out how to sign up and get going.


Inside your mobile mind

psychology-featured-imageWe love trying to unravel the way we all think when it comes to phones and mobile habits. That’s why we’ve repeatedly reached out for expert opinion on trends from leading tech psychologists. Whether it’s the innate mental processes behind why we send a text instead of making a phone call, or the changing patterns in how we actually own our tech, we know the people who know what makes us tick.


Signals in the Shard


Guaranteeing good mobile reception isn’t easy when you’re 244 metres above London. But we’re the first network to be able to do just that, so we went to the Shard, London’s newest and tallest landmark, to find out about the hidden work that ensures you can tweet your pics of the view from the 72nd floor.


There’s plenty more where that came from; we’ve got some really amazing stories to tell you in 2013, so keep it locked to Vodafone Social for all the latest.