The GALAXY S 4 - the new king of Samsung's Android lineup - is now available to preorder through Vodafone. Find out how to get yours here.


Well… Hello, beautiful. The Samsung GALAXY S 4 was ushered into the public eye by way of a grand unveiling in New York City earlier this month, and, predictably, it’s nothing short of brilliant. Why so great? Well, the S 4 represents the very pinnacle that Android has to offer on both the hardware and software fronts.

And now it’s available to pre-order. The GALAXY S 4 is coming to Vodafone, and can be yours with no up front cost from £37 per month on a 24 month Vodafone Red plan when you trade in your current touchscreen phone. That gives you unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of mobile internet. Need more internet? The brand new Vodafone Red XL plan gives you unlimited texts and calls and a whopping 4GB of mobile internet access each month.

Want one? Click the link below to go through to the pre-order page at

galaxy s 4 thumbSamsung GALAXY S 4 pre-orders
Make sure you’re among the first to get hold of Samsung’s latest Android behemoth. Click here to get your pre-order underway!


If you need to catch up on the stellar tech sitting in and around the GALAXY S 4, click the link at the bottom of this post. Before you do that, though, have a look at what some of the web’s most influential tech journalists have to say about it:

Libby Plummer | T3
The S 4 is a superb step-up from the S III with a bigger screen and a slimmer profile – UK punters won’t be getting the eight-core processor but we reckon the quad-core version should provide more than enough processing punch.

“The Samsung GALAXY S 4 is a grand flag waver for Android.”

Rik Henderson | Pocket-lint
Although physically the Samsung GALAXY S 4 may not seem like a massive upgrade, it’s in the experience of using one where Samsung has made great strides.


The user experience has been enhanced dramatically through several key new features, such as camera functions Dual Shot and Dual Recording, where you can appear picture-in-picture in the photos you take. The Samsung GALAXY S 4 is a grand flag waver for Android.

David Phelan | Time Out
Samsung’s GALAXY S 4 at first glance looks like a slicker, sleeker S III – which will be enough to convince many. But it’s worth looking closer as the improved screen, faster processor and raft of innovations mean that this will be a highly enjoyable phone to use. The Smart Pause and Smart Scroll features work tremendously, and are those little additions that you’d miss once you’re used to having them.

John McCann | TechRadar
The Samsung GALAXY S 4 is more iteration than revolution, but the improved screen, smaller footprint and host of impressive features means it will be one of the hottest smartphones of the year.

Keen to know a bit more? We’ve got all the facts here:

galaxys4thumbSamsung GALAXY S 4 unveiled!
Unravel Samsung’s brand new flagship phone. All the specs, all the info, and all the reasons why we’re excited to soon be stocking Samsung’s new milestone mobile.