There's much more than just Kudos of up for grabs for Vodafone eForum users. How does a raft of new phones on a free loan sound?

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Kudos, the system of virtual points awarded for helping people, may be the most immediately obvious gain on offer at the Vodafone eForum, but it’s far from the only reason to get involved. Last week we brought you the story of Tim Jones, who’s risen from the ranks of forum novice to Community Expert in his addictive hunt for the virtual back-pats, but there are more tangible perks to be had.

This week Nabil Kabbani – better known as Nabs – explains what can lie in store for dedicated posters…

Becoming invaluable

nabs“I probably spend a couple of hours a day on the eForum, I’d imagine, maybe more,” Nabs says. And that sort of dedication has seen him climb to become one of the top few posters on the forum, from straightforward beginnings. “I had my old HTC Magic, and there were issues with the Android update. I was searching around online looking for where the update was, and that lead me to the Vodafone eForum.

“I joined the ranting crowd and posted a complaint. So that’s how I found it, but moving on from that were general discussions about the updates and the like, and I just got involved. I carried on posting.

“I kept coming back, and seeing things that other people had posted,” says Nabs. “There were other issues that I knew how to solve – and it went from there, answering other posts.”

“When you’re proving to be that useful it rarely goes unnoticed.”

Before long, Nabs found himself as a key part of the team, giving up his spare time to help others with their issues. Thing is, when you’re proving to be that useful it rarely goes unnoticed. Soon, the eForum community managers themselves were after his help, allowing him an exclusive sneak peak at the eForum’s future.

“When the forum changed over to the Lithium platform back in 2010, I was one of the users who managed to get a preview of it.” he explains. “Since then I’ve always been keen to give feedback on things – new features for users, suggestions on how to structure the forum and things like that.”

Being so instrumental to the eForum’s evolution is cool, but there are better things on offer to the top ranking Community Experts. See, sorting out people’s mobile woes on the eForum is a job that’s made infinitely easier if you’ve actually got the phone in question to hand.

Free phones, anyone?

free phone

“I’ve got a Galaxy Nexus,” Nabs says. “I’m pretty much Android through and through. It stemmed from uni, as I was doing Android development. That’s primarily where it came from. I’ve looked at other platforms, but I like the flexibility and the way you can easily customise Android.


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But what if there’s an eForum issue with another Android phone? Or an iPhone, or any other kind of platform? It makes sense for our top dogs to be armed with a working knowledge of as many handsets as possible. And so, while the Galaxy Nexus remains Nabs’ primary phone, he also often finds himself surrounded by a bunch of new devices on loan from Vodafone:

“There was a post on the forum asking if any of the Community Experts were interested in taking part in a ‘Device Loan Program’. I replied to that, and within a couple of weeks I had the first handset.

“It varies, but you usually get to keep them for a week or two, depending on how in-demand the handset is. Although I’ve had some (like the iPhone 4S) for a month or so before. It’s handy to have them to be able to provide help to users on the forum with those devices.” And it’s a solid perk of the role, too.

“Nabs also often finds himself surrounded by a bunch of new devices on loan from Vodafone.”

So which phones have winged their way to Nabs? As it turns out, slightly too many to remember: “I’ve had quite a few. I’m trying to think… I’ve had an iPhone, a Galaxy S2, an HTC ChaCha, a Sony Xperia T… loads.” And sometimes that ties in with the odd trip, too: “Me and Tim [AKA TheSoupDragon] had a trip down to London last year to go to the launch of the Huawei G300, which was good.

“That was tied into the loan program because we got a couple of the devices to review and test.”

And all that’s not about to stop – we’re keen to ramp up the Device Loan Program to get the latest phones into the hands of our trusted experts, and for them to report directly back to Vodafone Social as well as the eForum.

All that for free, plus the satisfaction of helping people? It’s no wonder our Community Experts find the eForum to be so moreish.

Keen for more info? Read all about the Vodafone eForum here, and check out TheSoupDragon’s surprising journey here. We’ll be continuing to profile the loftiest Community Experts here too, so keep it locked to Vodafone Social for more from the inside track.

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