The results of the Ofcom 4G spectrum auction are in. What does it mean for Vodafone's upcoming 4G network? And what does it mean for you?


Great news: Vodafone’s secured the widest range of spectrum in Ofcom’s auction to support our ultra-fast 4G service, including the low frequency mobile phone spectrum that will strengthen our indoor coverage for customers.

We’ve spent £790 million to ensure our 4G network will work how you want it to in the places where you need it. In the principal phase of the auction of mobile phone spectrum run by Ofcom, we’ve picked up a third of the crucial low frequency spectrum (800MHz) as well as more higher-frequency spectrum to boost our existing network.


telephone-mast-thumbBetter coverage, fewer masts…
We’ve partnered with O2 to share some of our phone masts. But what does that mean for you? Click here to find out.


Vodafone UK’s chief executive Guy Laurence had this to say on hearing the news:

“We’ve secured the low frequency mobile phone spectrum that will support the launch of our ultra-fast 4G service later this year. It will enable us to deliver services where people really want it, especially indoors. This is great news for our customers. The next generation of mobile internet services will bring real benefits to both consumers and businesses.”

What does this news mean for you?

When we launch later this year, our phone signal will be stronger and more reliable in the places you want to use it most. Our signal will travel further into your home than any 4G signal that’s available now, all things being equal. And we’ll be in many more places through our commitment to provide coverage using 2G, 3G or 4G services to 98% of the UK population.

“We’ve already introduced a great range of 4G-ready handsets, and there are more on the way.”

We’re getting closer to the launch of our ultra-fast 4G service later this year and our preparations are now really starting to pick up pace. We’ve already introduced a great range of 4G-ready handsets, and there are more on the way, including the HTC One in March.

Our 4G service will launch on a city-by-city basis and the network will be underpinned by our 20,500km fibre network. No other mobile operator owns this much, and that means we can control our quality of service in a way other mobile networks can’t. The roll out of our ultra-fast 4G service is all part of the £1.8m we invest every day on our network to bring you coverage where it matters to you.

Why 4G?

4greadyWhy is 4G such a big deal? It’s a real step up. When you’re browsing the internet, using apps and email, Vodafone 4G will give you ultra-fast speed when you’re out and about. That means faster downloads, especially for pictures and videos – a zippy online experience on the go. Follow the match live, keep up-to-date with breaking news, and watch the latest viral clips as soon as you hear about them.

And today’s great news is another important milestone on the road to bringing you Vodafone 4G later this year.

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