HTC has just shown the stunning HTC One to the world. But what does the world think? That's exactly what we're about to find out.

htc one hands

The HTC One is official. HTC has assembled some of the web’s biggest tech journalists in a central London location to announce its new flagship Android phone, and we were there among them.

The HTC One is one impressive phone. The 4.7-inch Android beauty has a laundry list of enviable tech stuffed inside its 9mm frame, but have its sultry looks and powerful innards wooed the tech glitterati? That’s exactly what we went to find out, before going hands-on with the HTC One ourselves…

The verdict

Ben Sillis |
“Made of curved metal, the HTC One is a thin, lavish slab that’s easy on the eye and with a look that’s all its own. HTC says it’s spent 12 years working on how to work the antennae into the metal back plate, but it’s been worth the effort: despite its large size, it’s easy to handle, with a stunning full HD display that makes reading and watching videos easy. I haven’t had the chance to play with the camera, but at the very least it’s good to see HTC getting out of the Megapixel arms race and concentrating on what actually matters: image detail.”

Gareth Beavis |
“I’m really impressed. I really enjoy the design. Considering we’re getting a bit bored of seeing the same thing over and over again it’s impressive to get this all-aluminium body. I like the innovation on things like the camera, too – it’s about trying to find innovation wherever you can. That camera’s good, too – HTC’s trying to make something different rather than just worrying about megapixels.”

Dan Carter |
“HTC has taken its leading smartphone to a whole new level with the HTC One. Made from aluminium and glass, and with a stunning full HD screen and a whole new mobile camera technology, HTC has raised the bar on what a smartphone is all about. The innovation doesn’t just stop there, though; HTC has also included an IR beamer, which lets you control your TV or digital box right from the phone. Standard remote controls have never felt so last year.”


Matt Brian | The Next Web
“The HTC One looks amazing, I love the fact that they’ve managed to incorporate everything into the aluminium body. The new Sense software takes a Windows Phone-style approach, giving everyone what they might want as soon as they unlock the device…It’s a beast of a phone.”

Andrew Wooden |
“The biggest thing you’ll notice about the HTC One is that it’s got a 4-Megapixel camera. That might seem odd, but HTC is making a very big deal about busting the myth over Megapixel stats – it’s using something called UltraPixels instead, which can capture up to 300 per cent more light.”

A handsome hands-on

Right, enough talk. Let’s take a closer look. We’ve gone hands on with the HTC One to show you some of its new features, its lightning speed and its beguiling looks.

Have a watch of the video below to see what the HTC One has to offer…

Read all about the HTC One here. Are you as impressed with the HTC One as the web’s tech press? Let us know below…