Windows Phone 8 has landed at Vodafone! Here's a chance to see our new phones in action and on video before you decide which one deserves a spot in your pocket.

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Windows Phone 8 has launched at Vodafone with no less than five devices available to choose from. The handsets themselves come from Nokia and HTC, and all represent the very finest in mobile tech.

But which is the phone for you? To help you decide, we’ve spent some time with some of new Windows Phone 8 beauties and explored their best bits in classic hands-on video style. We’ve also shot a Windows Phone 8 overview to show some of the key features on the new devices, so click on a video below and set your eyes to ‘watch’…


Windows Phone 8

So what’s all the fuss about? Before you get stuck into choosing your phone, take a look at this video to show what Windows Phone 8 has to offer, and why it’s the mobile platform du jour:


Nokia Lumia 920

The 4G-ready* Lumia 920 is Nokia’s new flagship. And rightly so; it’s a powerful, colourful, colossal phone. Check it out below…


Nokia Lumia 820

The smaller 820 is no less impressive than the 920, and contains within its brains everything that makes Windows Phone 8 special.


Windows Phone 8X by HTC

HTC’s Windows Phone wunderkind is both slinky and curvy, but still boasts a massive 4.3-inch display.


Windows Phone 8S by HTC

The 8S is a smaller offering than the 8X, but its more pocketable frame still houses all the live tile action and all the apps that Windows Phone 8 has to offer.


All the details…

820thumbWindows Phone 8 launches at Vodafone
Check out the full range of pricing options for each of our Windows Phone 8 handsets, and see what the industry thinks of the new platform.


*Speeds vary significantly and depend on coverage. Additional charges apply for Vodafone 4G services.