Get yourself connected: WiFi on the London Underground comes to Vodafone customers at no extra cost.


Think you’re getting old? We’d wager you’ve got nothing on the London Underground. The maze of tubes pumping through the capital has been taking its passengers – now numbering in the millions per day – to and fro for a century and a half. Yep, this year marks the tube’s 150th birthday. But, thankfully, it’s not resting on its laurels. Along with the routine maintenance works and the station upgrades, the London Underground’s recently been on the receiving end of some swish technological advances, too. And Vodafone’s a big part of it.

“Vodafone customers will be able to access WiFi in at least 92 London Underground stations.”

As of today, Vodafone customers will be able to access WiFi in at least 92 London Underground stations as part of a landmark deal with Virgin Media. All for free. For nothing. Gratis!

On announcing our WiFi plans late last year, Vodafone UK’s Consumer Director Srini Gopalan said that the deal “will take us on a journey to the heart of the London Underground, ensuring our customers can stay connected even when they are beneath the streets of the capital.” Now Srini’s sentiments have come to fruition, as we’re pleased to announce that we’re pushing the big green (or should that be red?) button on the London Underground WiFi service tomorrow.

Logging on

It’s pretty important that accessing WiFi at one of the enabled tube stations is easy, so we’ve ensured that the setup is just a one-time job. All you need to do is register for My Vodafone, our free and simple online account service. That’s because initially you’ll need your username and password to get onto WiFi in the enabled London Underground stations.

Just follow these simple steps to get going:-

  • Select Virgin Media WiFi on your device
  • Launch your browser and select the Vodafone icon
  • Enter your My Vodafone account information
  • Refresh your browser and off you go

Done that? Sorted. Anytime you’re in one of the super stations and have your phone’s WiFi switched on, it’ll hook up automatically.

It’s available at no extra charge if you’re a Vodafone customer and have mobile internet bundled into your tariff – whether that’s Pay monthly or Pay as you go. And because we think everyone will love the service we are also giving all other Pay monthly customers a chance to see it in action for free until November 2013.

Sound good? You can find the full list of enabled stations here, and for more info, head to

Let’s get quizzical 

To celebrate both the launch of Vodafone WiFi, and the London Underground’s massive 150 year anniversary, we’ve decided to put together a little tube trivia quiz. There’s no prize at stake here – just pride and some general knowledge ammo to be gained. Ready? Let’s get cracking. (All the answers are below).


1. Which station has the longest escalator?

2. Was the phrase ‘Mind the gap’ was first used in 1910, 1949 or 1968?

3. Which line has the most stations?

4. What year did smoking become illegal in stations and trains?

5. How many people does the tube carry every year? Over 1,000 million or over 4,000 million?

6. What’s the name of the London Underground logo (red circle, blue bar)?

7. Which station has the deepest lift shaft?

8. How many working stations are there in total?

9. What was the first line called when it opened in 1863?

10. Which are the only two stations to contain all five vowels in their name?



1. Angel, 2. 1968 3. The District Line (it has 60!), 4. 1987, 5. Over 1,000 million, 6. The Roundel, 7. Hampstead, 8. 270, 9. The Metropolitan Railway, 10. Mansion House and South Ealing