Unwrapped a Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Let our Tech Team guide you through your first essential steps...

Was there something big under the tree? If it turned out to be the gargantuan Samsung Galaxy Note 2, consider yourself lucky: it’s a powerhouse of a phone, and now it’s all yours. The 5.5-inch screen and smart stylus are a pioneering combination, and there are plenty of tricks to uncover. But you’d be forgiven for needing a quick tour around the initial steps.

If you feel like Android is like marching into a brave new world, or if you just want to make sure you do everything right, let the Vodafone Tech Team walk you through the initial setup steps needed to tune your Galaxy Note 2 to perfection.

1. Insert the Micro SIM

Insert card A into slot B? This can be a right minefield, and there’s nothing more worrying than the prospect of getting it wrong and something snapping as you force it into the wrong socket. Dont panic – here’s how to insert the Galaxy Note 2’s beating heart.

2. Setting up Wi-Fi

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network is one of the of the first things you’ll be asked to do on your Galaxy Note 2. If you skip that step you might be at a loss as to how to go about it. Panic averted: here’s how to thread your Galaxy Note 2 into your Wi-Fi network.

3. Setting up Email

The Galaxy Note 2 runs on a tweaked version of Google’s Android operating system, so to get the most out of it you’ll need a Gmail account. Confused? This video should help.

4. Adding a Contact

A phone’s no fun without people to call, text or email. Best get your friends, family and colleagues bundled into your Galaxy Note 2, then. Here’s how.

5. Downloading Apps via Google Play

If you’ve got an Android device and you haven’t been to the Google Play Store to sample some of its fruit, you’re not getting the most out of your new phone. Here’s how to take your pick from any of over 500,000 apps.