Unwrapped an HTC One X+? Let our Tech Team guide you through your first essential steps...

Finally got your hands on that HTC One X+? The updated, smarter brother of the already sterling HTC One X is a powerhouse of a smartphone, but all that’ll amount to nought if you can’t get past the basics.

Whether you’re an Android expert in need of a simple refresher course, or you’re brand new to the joys of Google’s versatile mobile OS, don’t be shy: step up and let us walk you through the basics. Here are the five most important things to do when you first pull your HTC One X+ out of the box…

Insert the Micro SIM 

Since there’s no industry standard for slotting SIM cards into handsets, it can be difficult to work out exactly how to bring your new phone to life. Don’t go fumbling around in the dark, though: we’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

Setting up Wi-Fi

Your Vodafone deal should provide you with ample internet allowance each month, but there’s no beating your home or work Wi-Fi network for speed and peace of mind. Thankfully, hooking your HTC One X+ up to the mainframe is frighteningly easy.

Setting up Email 

Google’s many web services pump right through the Android experience, but none more so than Gmail. Without that you won’t be able to download apps, so it really is step one. Watch the above video for the A, B, Cs of setting up email.

Adding a Contact

Who you gonna call? Well, nobody (not even the Ghostbusters) if you don’t have their contact details stored. Got your friends and family’s numbers scribbled down? Let’s start adding them into your One X+’s phonebook.

Downloading Apps via Google Play

Here’s the meat of your Android sandwich: apps. If you really want to get the most of your One X+, you need to head to the Google Play store and start downloading games, tools and social networks. Here’s your route.