Just unwrapped a Vodafone Smart Tab II? Let our Tech Team guide you through your first essential steps...

Our brand new Vodafone Smart Tab II has been causing quite a stir. And rightly so, really; it proffers a great, affordable Android experience, the perfect form factor for when you’re out and about, along with 3G connectivity for internet access on the go.

Was there a Smart Tab II-sized box under your Christmas tree? Then allow us to guide you through your initial setup steps with our Tech Team videos – there are a few little jobs to get sorted before you can get the most out of your new wonder-tab.

1. Inserting a SIM

Start at the beginning, as they say. The SIM slot is in a different place (and uses a different mechanism) in almost every mobile device going, so there’s little shame in finding things difficult. Give this a watch before anything goes ‘snap’…

2. Set up Wi-Fi

Your Vodafone Smart Tab II is 3G-enabled, which means you’re able to get online when you’re out and about. That’ll do you for most jobs, but when you’re streaming content at home or downloading larger apps, you’ll probably want to connect to Wi-Fi. To get your tab hooked up to your broadband, follow these steps.

3. Setting up email

SIM? Check. Wi-Fi? Check. The next thing you’ll need before you can start stuffing the Smart Tab II with apps is an email address. With Google juice pumping through the Android operating system, your best bet is a Gmail account, but you can set up any account you like. Here’s how:

4. Downloading Apps via Google Play

Ok, you’re ready to enjoy all that Google has to offer. Whether it’s music bought and stored in the cloud, the latest movies, books, apps or games, Google Play’s got you covered, and your Smart Tab II is waiting to swallow them all up for you. Have a quick look at the below video for a tour round the store.

5. Adding a contact

With 3G on board, the Smart Tab II is one of the best-connected tablets going. That’s great for email, but it also means you can IM people using apps like WhatsApp. But before you do, you’ll need to add your friends and family’s details in. Let’s get to it.