We think the Vodafone Smart Tab II is the perfect tablet solution for any level of tech fan, but what have the experts made of our 7-inch wunderkind?

Last week we announced a new member of the Vodafone family – the Vodafone Smart Tab II. Our 7-inch tablet wunderkind has been painstakingly designed to offer the best in mobile tablet computing at a price that won’t break the bank. But that’s just our opinion. What about the rest of the web? Well, we thought we’d take a look around.

We’ve trawled through the Smart Tab II’s press clippings to bring you a verdict from the four corners of the internet. What does the world think of our new baby?

First up is the Daily Mail, who’s tech expert Rob Waugh was full of praise in his write up, citing, among other things, the Smart Tab’s willingness to let you expand its 4GB of inbuilt storage: “unlike machines such as Google’s Nexus 7, you can add your own SD cards, which are – dare I say it? – cheap as chips.” Rob also liked the fact that the Smart Tab II comes pre-loaded with “the latest version of Android,” and is a fan of “the decent 1,024×700-pixel screen.”

“Unlike machines such as Google’s Nexus 7, you can add your own SD cards, which are – dare I say it? – cheap as chips.”

But it’s the Smart Tab II’s value for money, which outstrips most other tablets on the market, that really caught Rob’s eye. “I’d take this over the iPad Mini, any day,” he wrote. “[The] Mini is £269. If you buy it, you are either rich or mad.”

The value for money was also key in Pocket-Lint’s news bite. The site’s reaction says that, while the Smart Tab II might not climb the heady heights of “the highest spec in the market,” it’s certainly great value. “It is available from £29 if you buy it with a 24-month, £20 a month contract.”

Mobile Choice UK lauded the Smart Tab II’s affordable price point, “wide selection of apps,” and the fact that it’s got the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS beating underneath: “there are no tricksy elements to get used to here,” reads the review. “The text input software is excellent.”

But they were most smitten with the 7-inch tab’s rather sleek design. The site likens the Smart Tab II to “a good-looking combination of the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7,” and concluded that it’s an “attractive device.” We happen to agree.

“The text input software is excellent.”

Probably the most concise reaction to the Smart Tab II was from Phones Review, however, which summed it up perfectly with the below:

“Want to get your hands on a reasonably affordable 7-inch Android tablet in time for Christmas? Well then you might like to consider the Vodafone Smart Tab II.”

Are you planning on picking up a Vodafone Smart Tab II, or adding one to your Christmas wishlist? Let us know in the comments section below. For more information and to buy yours, head over to vodafone.co.uk.

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