From next year Vodafone customers will be able to use WiFi on dozens of London Underground stations, taking the drag out of waiting for the next train...

We know what it’s like to be stood in a Tube station, waiting longer than you probably should for the next train to come along. It can be boring. And it can be frustrating, especially if you’re already running late. Just as well, then, that those days are numbered: we’re working hard to bring you the ability to use WiFi in dozens of London Underground stations. From early next year, a delayed train will mean an email sent, a status liked or a new web page visited – all at no extra cost for Vodafone customers. Vodafone’s going underground, and we want you to come with us.

The new service will be available at no extra charge to all our customers, whether business, pay monthly or Pay as you go. Pay as you go customers will need to make sure they have internet as part of their package. Got that? Then you’re golden. All you then need to do is register for My Account, our free and simple online account service, because initially you’ll need your login and username to get onto WiFi in the enabled London Underground stations.

It’s all part of our mission to make sure that all our customers can stay connected wherever they are, according to Srini Gopalan, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK:

“We want to put the internet into people’s hands wherever they are and that certainly includes major transport links,” he says.

“We already spend £1.8m a day on our UK network, giving our customers the depth and breadth of coverage that they expect whenever they need it, and we invested heavily in London ahead of the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee this Summer.”

“This deal will take us on a journey to the heart of the London Underground,”

“Now this deal will take us on a journey to the heart of the London Underground, ensuring our customers can stay connected even when they are beneath the streets of the capital.”

A mind-boggling four million Tube journeys are made every single day beneath London’s streets, and almost two-thirds of people who use London Underground stations already have a WiFi enabled device.

The WiFi network on the Tube is being provided by Virgin Media who have already installed WiFi at 72 London Underground stations. More are coming online all the time.

We’ll bring you more information when we launch the service in the New Year. In the mean time, head to to register for My Account.