Vodafone's Red SIM only plans are the ultimate in hassle-free tariffs, but how did we build your dream plan? Read on to find out...

We discovered a pretty surprising fact earlier this year. Turns out we look at our phones more times a day than we do the faces of our friends, family and loved ones. This small nugget of insight emerged from a study earlier this year by SecurEnvoy, which claimed that we stare adoringly at our phones more than 30 times a day. Your phone is part of you – so much so that saying goodbye to it can be tough when you’re nearing the end of your contract. And that got us thinking.

If you’re in this particular boat – if you’ve become particularly fond of the phone you’ve had for the last couple of years, or even if you’ve bought a new one outright – SIM only is the right answer. Thing is, in the past there’s been a smattering of confusion over what SIM only actually is. So we went back to the drawing board, did a whole heap of research and rebuilt a solution from the ground up, resulting in Vodafone Red SIM only.

“It’s all about simplicity, ease of use and added value”

So how do you begin? You use what matters most as a foundation, and work up from there. To find out the secrets behind the rebuild, we caught up with Vodafone’s Mark Howe, one of the key people behind this SIM only rethink.

Straight away, he told us that “simplicity, ease of use, and added value” are the core elements that underpin this new approach.

“To rebuild our SIM only plan we constructed two unique online shops to research the buying journeys and decision making of our customers,” Mark explains. “We then directed 5,000 people who’d signed up to take part in the research through the two shops and assessed what they’d chosen, how easy the process had been and what products they liked. Over a period of six weeks we tested 27 different structures to find out what worked best.”

Changing the status quo

See, the problem that faced SIM only in the past was that it could be somewhat bamboozling. Time to simplify…

“The industry has created a lot of complexity around tariffs,” says Mark. “And that has been confusing people. We stripped all of that out, narrowed down the options and added value into each one so that it’s much easier for customers to see what the best option is for them.”

It’s a far simpler approach. One fuelled by a unique knowledge of the type of person who actually best fits a SIM only plan in the first place. If you’re not totally sure why you might consider SIM only, here it is in a nutshell…

“Customers who use SIM only tend to fall into two groups,” Mark tells us. “In one group, people come to the end of the contract for their phone. But they like their phone and they don’t want to change. They’re looking for an answer as to how to continue using the Vodafone network, without changing their handset. SIM only fills that gap. They can go onto a 12-month SIM only contract and get great value.”

“The other group is our Pay as you go customers. They want control, but see the value in longer-term contracts. They get so much value for SIM only it’s worth making that step.”

The right plan for you

Ok, so what can that little SIM do for you? Our range of 12-month SIM only plans has shrunk down to a more streamlined seven, each of which has been carefully tailored to suit a specific type of mobile routine. This means you should find your perfect plan without any fuss.

Not a huge caller? Our 12-month SIM only plans kick off at £10.50 a month, and serve up a feast of 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB of monthly internet. Hungry for a bit more? Double the internet allowance and minutes for just £15.50 a month. Yummy.

Sounds good, right? Brace yourself, we’re just warming up. Whilst our lower-priced tariffs are perfect for less frequent callers, what we’re really excited about are our new, groundbreaking Red SIM only plans.

“Pick up a no-nonsense, great value contract that’s tailored to your mobile habits”

Starting at only £20.50 a month, our two Red plans offer SIM only customers unlimited calls and texts for the first time ever (unleash party poppers!). That’ll land you with 1GB of monthly internet access, but there’s 2GB on offer in the next band up, which we’re calling the Red Data SIM only plan. That still sails well below the £30 bracket at just £26 a month, and both Red plans also offer 750MB of Wi-Fi access to boot.

Vodafone One Net Express business users can also choose from one of two Red plans, starting at £32.50.

These new Red SIM only plans are a first for Vodafone customers, wrapping up huge value in a completely no-nonsense package.

Need a shorter term plan? Our 30-day rolling SIM only plans are worth a look. They also start at £13, for 100 monthly minutes, unlimited texts, 100 Vodafone to Vodafone minutes and and 100MB of internet.

“SIM cards come in all shapes and sizes, but they all do the same thing,” says Vodafone’s Mark Howe. “We’ve got the right SIM only plan for you, it doesn’t matter what kind of SIM card or phone you’ve got.”

With the foundations laid and the all-important building blocks in place, SIM only now represents something really compelling: a new way to pick up a no-nonsense, great value contract that’s tailored to your mobile habits.

For more info, and to match yourself up to your perfect plan, pop over to vodafone.co.uk/simonly