Dynamic Live Tiles and seamlessly integrated sharing are just some of the features we like about Windows Phone 8...

Update: We’re pretty excited to announce that the Nokia Lumia 920 is coming to Vodafone! Read all the details here.

Last night Microsoft revealed the final details of Windows Phone 8 and we were watching developments unfold with great interest. When we launch our Windows Phone 8 line up in the New Year, we’ll be offering some eye-catching devices from HTC and Nokia

“Live Tiles offer the kind of connection between activities, and different parts of your life, that people are looking for”

But what do we like about the look and feel of Windows Phone 8? Well, it’s been a long time since mobile phones were only about hardware – and we think the new Microsoft ecosystem has evolved to make using your smartphone a more seamlessly integrated and personalised experience.

“The Live Tiles were what really struck us when we started to look at Windows Phone 8,” says Tanya Thorne from the Vodafone devices team. “You can personalise them far more than you could in the previous operating system. We think they can offer the kind of connection between activities, and different parts of your life, that people are looking for.”

In short, Windows Phone 8 feels zippy to use, and it’s great for multi-tasking. You can listen to music, take photos and see who’s updating their social network status all at the same time without constantly flipping between different apps.

Windows Phone has a unique start screen, with Live Tiles that update dynamically to show you how many emails you have, who’s doing what on Facebook, or what’s coming up in your calendar. You can also ‘pin’ your favourite people and apps to your home screen so that they come up straight away, as soon as you need them.

Now, with Windows Phone 8, you can also change the size of the Live Tiles, and move them around on screen, so that they really reflect your life and priorities – not the priorities that your operating system thinks you should have.

We also think Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 is a step-forward in seamlessly integrating an experience that you can have on your phone, tablet and computer. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 share a common interface, file system and drivers – so it should be even easier to share stuff between your smart phone and PC using the built-in SkyDrive app on your start screen. The way we work now, that could make life a lot easier.

And that’s just the software. The hardware looks fantastic too. We’ll be offering the HTC 8X, HTC 8S and the Nokia Lumia 820, three fantastic looking handsets, each packed with great specs and a host of added features to add even more to the Windows Phone experience.

We’ll be looking at these in more detail over the coming months on Vodafone Social, but with Nokia’s City Lens, Cinemagraph and Nokia Drive on the Lumia 820, and HTC building in an ultra wide-angle front-lens in addition to the lens at the back of the phones, and an exclusive Beats Audio amp, there’s plenty to whet your appetite.

We’ll be revealing Vodafone pricing closer to our launch day in the New Year, so stay tuned for more info.