If you could call anyone who would it be? We discover if you'd rather talk to Cheryl Cole, Henry VIII...or your Gran

There’s no doubting the pulling power of celebrities for us Brits, but family and takeaway food rank highly in our calling priorities too it seems.

Mums and Grans top the list of people we’d most like to have a phone conversation with but, to our surprise, the local takeaway also makes an appearance in the top 10, ahead of One Direction’s Harry Styles and keeping Stephen Fry out of the list altogether. Here’s what the top 10 list of Brits you’d like to talk to looks like:

1-   Mum/Gran

2-   Winston Churchill

3-   The Queen

4-   Prince Harry

5-   Henry VIII

6-   Cheryl Cole

7-   David Beckham

8-   Mo Farrah

9-   The local takeaway

10- Harry Styles

We headed to the streets of London to see whether people would rather speak on the phone to the celebrity of their dreams or simply order in their favourite grub.

Fiona Rutherford, 27, who is a dietician from New Zealand, says that “if it was the celebrity of my dreams I would want to talk to them in person, not over the phone, so in this instance I would go with the takeaway.”

Jess Ryan, 18, a student living in Clerkenwell, agrees but for different reasons. She says “it depends if the takeaway is free. If it’s free then I’d rather have the takeaway because I’m not that bothered about celebrities. I’m sure they don’t want me phoning them up.”

Do you agree? Is it food, famous people or family for you?. Tell us what you really think in the comments section below.

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