If you dislike talking in the morning you are not alone. Our Mobile Manners survey reveals that we much prefer talking on the phone after midday...

The truth has been revealed: the British just don’t like mornings. According to our poll findings, 80% of us are more receptive to making and taking calls after midday, while for 40% of us early evening is the preferred time to talk on the blower. We wanted to see if people in the capital get going a bit earlier than the rest of the country and it turns out they don’t.

Duane Turner, 30, who works in media sales and lives in Brixton says, “I’m definitely not a morning person. I don’t really like speaking to anyone in the morning. Even at work I try and avoid phone calls before midday, I find it hard to wake up until after lunch.”

Vince Tumi, 19, a student from Farringdon agrees with Duane. He says, “I don’t really start doing things until the afternoon so I would certainly fall into the category of those who are more receptive to making and receiving calls in the afternoon.”

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