Our Mobile Manners survey reveals we speak to our partners most often, even if we see them everyday!

42% of us speak to our partners on the phone most often, even if we live with them! 20% of people call their mums the most, while only 12% say they call their friends most frequently. Is this a surprise? Do we really prefer talking to friends over our mums? We headed out onto the streets of London to find out.

Charly Leclercq, 24, a baker from Shoreditch says he always puts his mum first, “For me, my top two would be my parents and then my friends. Actually, I think maybe my friends before my mum.”

Darren McLaughlin, 31, who is currently in between jobs and lives in Clapham, agrees. He says, “Well I don’t have a partner so for me the top two categories would be friends first and then my mum.”

Right mums, we want to hear from you. Are you happy playing second fiddle? Let us know in the comments below.

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