How many people propose on their mobile? Find out in our Mobile Manners survey

                                                                                                                                                            It’s surprising to learn that the mobile phone is the carrier of major news for millions of people across the UK.

“The most important news I have received via the phone is of births and engagements”

Where once we used to send a formal letter or speak to someone in person, today it’s becoming more acceptable, not to say convenient, to let friends know of important news by ringing and in some cases even texting. According to our survey 13% of people have found out a friend or relative has given birth, 26% have been offered jobs and 1% have even received a marriage proposal on their mobile phone.

In London there were mixed opinions. Jack Murphy, 22, a graduate living in East London, says that he finds out major news online. “I find it’s more over the internet. I use Facebook to get a lot of important news from my friends.”

Kirsty Rutherford, 33, an architect from Peckham Rye, agrees with the stats. She says, “Yes, I definitely receive major news through the phone. The most important news I have received via the phone is of births and engagements.”

What’s the best news you have ever had over the phone? We want to know! Join the debate in the comments below, and for more juicy stats on mobile phone habits and the human psyche, stay tuned to